Don’t Give The Reins of Your Information Technology to a Rodeo Clown!

We’re Here to Help Calgary Companies With IT Services. Rodeo clowns are brave, professional men and women who risk their lives to protect bull and bronco riders and to put on a show for the crowd at the Stampede. But as good as they are at their jobs, they aren’t the ones that should be […]

We’re Here to Help Calgary Companies With IT Services.

Rodeo clowns are brave, professional men and women who risk their lives to protect bull and bronco riders and to put on a show for the crowd at the Stampede.

But as good as they are at their jobs, they aren’t the ones that should be in the saddle with the reins in their hands.

That’s the job of the bull or bronc rider.

Much like at the Stampede, each professional within the computer services industry has his or her role.

The break/fix computer repair guy or the IT computer-fix-it company that you pay a retainer to each month are the rodeo clowns of the IT services world.

  • They are professionals.
  • They’re great at what they do – break/fix.
  • They’re there for you when your IT fails, and you take a hard fall to the arena floor – usually…

But they aren’t the ones you want on the horse when the bucking starts and things begin to get rough.

Why? They haven’t trained for it.

When your IT systems need proactive IT maintenance to be at peak performance, you have to find an IT services company in Calgary that can handle the reins of your technology.

Is your Calgary business looking for an IT support provider that will stick it out for the entire ride?

There are a few rodeo clowns – read this “break/fix computer repair professionals” – who think they can ride the bulls and the broncs.

They say stuff like, “It’s easy to fix that. — We can do that for you.”

The problem is, they often don’t stick it out for the entire ride and leave you and your employees hanging – just when you need them the most.

IT Services from a company like CTECH Consulting Group is different.

CTECH is a company that becomes your outsourced IT department, providing you with proactive maintenance, management, security, and operational monitoring of your business technology.

While the break/fix or retainer-based IT company may get you out of a jam, once they’ve fixed the problem, they’re off chasing the next dollar.

The managed IT services model is different.

The Managed IT Services Model Is Continuous, Comprehensive IT Support Delivered In Return For An Easily-Budgeted Monthly Fee.

Why is that important?

  • Instead of making money off your misery, the managed IT services model puts a company like CTECH on your side – working daily to support your success by ensuring that your staff can use their technology without worrying about how it works.
  • Instead of trying to hunt down your break/fix IT contractor to help you solve a problem, your managed IT services provider has already spotted the issue via remote operational monitoring and is working to remedy the situation.
  • Instead of getting big, surprise bills for break/fix work, you can forecast your IT support budget with a simple monthly payment that covers it all.

Why does CTECH Help Calgary Companies With IT Services?

  • Your company deserves experienced hands holding the reins of your technology.
  • Your company deserves a dedicated IT company that won’t quit half-way through a bumpy ride.
  • Your company deserves an IT consulting partner that will work with your team on a day-to-day basis – not simply when things break down.

While the Rodeo Clowns Are Great At Selling Fun to the Crowd and Distracting a Crazy Bull…

We’re here to help Calgary businesses get higher productivity.

Productivity is the result of having the right technology – not necessarily the most recent or most expensive – and tailoring that technology to the unique workflow of your business. To accomplish this feat, the CTECH team takes the time to understand your internal processes, your current business challenges, and your pro-growth agenda. Each of these elements factor into the specific technology configuration, integrations, and maintenance protocols explicitly designed to give you the highest efficiency.

We’re here to help Calgary businesses have higher levels of security.

Security is far more than picking up an antivirus program and installing it on all the computers, tablets, and smartphones in your office. Security is an ongoing battle strategy that requires a deep understanding of your network, devices, and cloud assets in combination with the evolving global cyber-threat matrix. Each element of your online activity must be examined – and monitored – for vulnerabilities, and your staff must be educated to spot nefarious activities such as phishing and social engineering attempts.

We’re here to help Calgary businesses have a technology-informed growth strategy.

If your business is going to win the big buckle prize of being the leader in your industry, you’re going to have to have strategic information at your fingertips. Because everything is run by or with technology these days, every element of your pro-growth strategy will be impacted by either the capacity of technology to do what you want to do or your IT budget. Either way, you need someone who understands both executive-level business planning and technology to help you walk through how technology – today and in the future – will help or hurt your plans to scale.

Companies in Calgary Turn to CTECH When They Need Business-Centric IT Services Professionals.

Jason Gillespie of Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. recommends CTECH Consulting Group to Calgary businesses by saying,

“CTECH helped us transition to better practices. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce the number of IT calls we have to make. Previously, our systems had been bootstrapped together. CTECH has moved us to more standard processes, the number of computer issues and downtime were greatly reduced.”

Environmental Companies like Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. are not the only companies in which the CTECH team specializes. We have developed niche understanding and expertise in the technologies used by:

Who do you want to care for your company’s IT? Do you want the guys and ladies who ride the bulls and the broncs of technology every day? Or do you want the break/fix rodeo clowns who show up to fix something only when your computers are down, your face is in the dirt, and you’re being charged by an angry bull?

The choice is clear. Your Calgary company needs comprehensive, continuous IT support. We have more information for you HERE.