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“CTECH has now set us up on a server, which has enabled us to feel confident in the security of our files. CTECH monitors our server, does regular checks with our office, and maintains our IT equipment for a flat rate monthly fee. We’re pleased with the investment!”

Shannon Bottorff, Hansen Labelle Adjusters Ltd

Carl [Fransen, CTECH CEO] was the most informative of the companies we met, and he made us feel like if we spent the money, we’d see the change. He looked at our current system, talked to us about what’s going on. We felt like he was confident that he could fix the problem. He broke it down for us — I’m not a real technical person, and he made it understandable for me.”

Brody Haugrud – CDL Carpet and Floor Centre

We were never just a number to CTECH. When it comes to I.T. service companies, you need the right fit. — A company that takes the time to explain what they’re doing. Carl from CTECH was approachable, genuine, and always delivered what was best for us. CTECH delivers what they say they’re going to deliver.”

Jason Meyer Hearth & Home Fireplace

Calgary IT Consulting
Calgary IT Consultant

Carl and CTECH are amazing! They’re always one step ahead of what we need so we’re never caught short! Plus, other IT providers say they provide 24×7 support but they don’t. CTECH does! They stand behind their word. Carl and CTECH are just phenomenal! I’m a business owner, and I’m also a dad and a husband. I now get to spend less time worrying about the tech stuff and have more time to focus on my business and family!”

Dr. Travis Cox Acadia Wellness Centre

They’re certainly responsive. If I call, I get an answer and hear from them right away. In terms of working with CTECH, they’re great to work with! They understand our company size and what we need, and our requirements as a growing company.”

Jason Gillespe Vice President, Ghostpine

I have relied on Carl many times in the past to support our customers, and he has always come through for us! He is dependable, knows IT at all levels, and is able to build solutions that are solid and reliable.

I do not hesitate to recommend Carl for all IT related issues, you will be happy you contacted him.”

Mike Tanyi,Partner SEBO Systems Inc.

Carl is one of those amazing “go to” guys that’s has endless energy and drive. He’s a terrific listener and can explain things in layman’s terms so even the most non technical people can understand the problems he is addressing.

The passion he has for tech combined with his huge heart and incredible knowledge equal an amazing service provider that you’re lucky to have discovered.”

Ashley Dunfield – Founder CEO at PetroFeed

Carl and his team at CTECH have been great to work with. They took the time to understand the needs of our company, and provided us with a turn-key solution for our IT needs, creating a one stop solution to a broad range of issues our company was facing.”

Warren Smith, Managing Partner The Counsel Network

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