CTECH Efficient Workplace Solutions

CTECH Consulting Group provides efficient workplace solutions for organizations who have unique business challenges.


Enable Collaboration, Improve Communication

Increase Document Security

Energize Client Engagement, Enforce Compliance

Increase Staff Security

Allow Remote Work

Maximize Workplace Productivity

Enable Collaboration

Can your staff share and edit the same document at the same time?

Now invite anyone to work on a document simultaneously using any device (laptop, desktop, tablet) and see their edits in real-time. 

Improve Communication

Do you have areas where staff can post new ideas, respond to questions?

Use a familiar Facebook style interface to create knowledge groups to interact, post, and share ideas.

Increase Staff Security

Are you still safe is someone's password is compromised?

Add new ways of authentication, identity management, and advanced AI monitoring all in the background.


Do you think that simple file permissions are good enough?

Documents can now be encrypted, tracked and ‘deleted’ when they are outside of your business.


Are your staff able use any device available to securely access all your company services?

Staff can now use their home device (laptop, tablet, desktop) and project all company services at business speed. Also, give every device you are on your business phone number.


Can your staff securely bring in outside experts or clients to share ideas and collaborate on files.

Enter a new way of working securely with others outside of your organization.

Enforce Compliance

Enforce Compliance

Can your system to configured to enforce internal policies, government regulations, or industry best practices?

Enforce specific policies such as GDPR, HIPPA, etc. or HR usage polices right across your entire organization.


Can your system prevent the wrong information from leaving your business?

Implement AI learning and system policies from preventing confidential information from being sent out.

Thinking About Switching IT Providers?

Risk Free

Ask about our SEAMLESS SWITCH program. We provide a detailed project plan and the first month at no charge to ensure a smooth, risk free transition.

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