Outsourced CIO Services to Give You the IT Guidance & Advice You Need to Succeed!

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You’re an expert in your field – and so are we. Our Outsourced CIO services are designed to give you the guidance and advice necessary to make the most of your information technology.

If you hired an internal CIO, they’d start by getting to know your business; and we do the same:

  • Learn about your business: We’ll talk to you and your staff, learn about your business, analyze your existing technologies, and determine what you’d like to achieve through information technology.
  • Make a strategic plan: We’ll take what we’ve learned and create a strategic IT plan – outlining what priorities must be accomplished and writing a step-by-step plan for improvements.
  • Prepare for unexpected challenges:We’ll make sure you’re prepared for any upgrades or purchases, create a realistic budget, and implement solutions to help you avoid business disruption.

As your vCIO, we’ll also make sure everything stays on track, within budget, and on time:

  • Regular check-ins: We’ll check in to make sure everything’s working properly.
  • Quarterly meetings: We’ll meet with you quarterly to revisit your strategic plan and make adjustments as needed.
  • Technology refreshes: We’ll be ready to replace any aging or antiquated technologies as necessary.

CTECH Consulting Group’s Outsourced CIO services are designed with you and your staff members’ unique needs in mind.

To learn more, give us a call at (403) 457-1478 or send us an email at info@ctechgroup.net.