CTECH Consulting Group Solves Your Technology Problems

Are you frustrated with your IT problems that only get solved short-term, or IT firms not getting back you in a timely manner? Do you feel that support is lacking? Are you are just throwing money at IT without the expected return?

Let the CTECH Consulting Group team help — it’s what we’re here for.

Carl Fransen founded CTECH 20 years ago with the mission to leverage technology for the good of our clients’ businesses. The core idea was simple — chronic, frustrating business problems can be solved for good with the right application of technology. Two decades later and that belief is more true than ever before.

As technology has evolved, CTECH’s team has harnessed new technical capabilities and conveniences for the good of our growing network of clients. We’ve gained extensive experience in identifying the core root of a range of business challenges and then applying a solution we know will eliminate them.

We Became More Than Just An IT Support Firm — We Evolved Into An IT Solutions Firm!

IT support became the foundation of what we do, but we knew we needed to do more. We understood that on its own, simple IT support would not be enough for today’s businesses.

This is what makes us different!

We invested, heavily, in creating the next evolution of IT services that businesses today are asking for:

You want better IT support

You need to be more competitive in today's market

You require more efficient internal processes

Overall, businesses are demanding a much higher return on your investment in IT!

How Do We Make You A Better Business?

Over our years in business, we’ve carefully developed the “CTECH Way” — a proven process for identifying and eliminating our client’s IT-based and wider business challenges.

First, we provide our Cutting Edge IT Support in order to become your full IT department. You receive a structured and coordinated team to handle your IT, including an account manager, service desk manager, project manager, procurement officer, and additional technicians equipped with the best support tools on the market.

Next, we deploy our Enterprise Level Business Analysis service to augment your staff with a vCIO and a multitude of custom reports and analysis tools to customize the technology to your business needs and optimize the way you use it.

Lastly, we employ our project teams to deploy Efficient Business Solutions. We help you achieve increased mobility, improved security, with better communication and collaboration than you could with the traditional IT solutions.

Is The CTECH Way Effective? Don’t Take Our Word For It…

The nature of our approach to IT support makes it nearly impossible to exaggerate or falsify — we either solve problems for our clients, or we don’t. The fact that our clients are thriving, and our business is growing, is proof of how effective our services are.

In addition to fostering lasting, beneficial relationships with our clients, our approach to IT support has also gained us industry-wide recognition, year after year:

Want To Solve Your IT Problems For Good?

In a nutshell, the CTECH Way is all about getting real results for our clients.

We’re determined to exceed your expectations, to ensure we always deliver good business outcomes, and to always have your back. The CTECH Way isn’t just a tag line, It’s the result of service processes we’ve passionately refined for over 20 years.

To get started solving your IT problems, all you have to do is get in touch:

  • 1. Schedule A Call

    1. Contact our team and arrange a meeting at a time that works for you.

  • 2.Onboard

    2. Tell us about your IT problems.

  • 3. Watch IT Start Working For You

    3. Let us explain how we can fix them, so you can decide if we’re the right fit for you.