CTECH Consulting Group is here to support you. We are always standing by 24 hours a day to help assist you in whatever your IT needs are. Please choose any of the following ways to get help.

  • CTECH Helpdesk Phone Number
    CTECH Helpdesk Phone Number

    Call (833) 457-1478 and speak immediately with a trained local helpdesk technician.

  • CTECH Helpdesk Email Address
    CTECH Helpdesk Email Address

    Email: support@ctechgroup.net. Our advanced support system identifies who you are, and immediately forwards your request to the high priority helpdesk queue.

  • CTECH Helpdesk Portal Site
    CTECH Helpdesk Portal Site

    Access Our Client Portal By Clicking Here and entering your provided login and password.

  • CTECH Helpdesk Portal Site

    CTECH Helpdesk Support Agent

    Desktop Agent by: clicking on the blue cross on the bottom right the screen. All desktops have special agents that connect directly to the helpdesk. Click on the blue cross icon and select Create Service Ticket.