Technology Support That Moves Your Hospitality Business Forward

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Reservation systems, WIFI, access systems, environmental controls… If it plugs into a wall, we can support it and optimize it for greater organizational efficiency.

After all…

Your hardworking staff has more important things to do than to be continually working on, frustrated by, and worrying about slow IT systems that need updates, upgrades, and patches.

CTECH has a deep background in supporting the IT needs of companies within the hospitality industry.

Let’s face it. People that are visiting hotels and motels in Calgary and throughout western Canada expect a high level of technical sophistication when it comes to your services. If your WIFI isn’t working or things like your reservation or entertainment systems are sluggish, your clients are checking out and moving on to the next motel down the road.

Let us help.


CTECH does everything for you and sets you up for technology – and business – success!

Today’s information systems and recent changes to information systems have a positive impact on businesses who stay ahead of the information curve.

We’ll help you do just that.

Some call it business transformation. Others call it digital transformation. We just call it the way to do business in a global, mobile marketplace.

How does CTECH leverage high-performance technology and IT support for YOUR hospitality company’s greatest advantage?

  • IT Consulting that gives you the information you need to make the BIG, pro-growth decisions
  • Holistic IT Management that provides you with complete care, maintenance, and monitoring for your efficiency and security
  • Cyber-Security that delivers safety for your business and confidentiality for your guests
  • Employee IT Training that helps your staff get the most out of their computing experience
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies that preserve your vital information and enable you to get running again if something catastrophic happens to your local server or workstations
  • IT Solution Grenades that streamline your daily workflow through smart automation
  • Calgary-based IT Support Desk that gives you access to top technicians 24/7, answers to your IT questions, and fixes for any emerging IT issues

Let’s get started! We’ll help your hospitality business reach your goals by delivering an optimized IT environment that supports your heroic daily efforts.

Give us a call now at (403) 457-1478 or send an email to to speak to one of our friendly staff.