You Are a Target.

You are a business owner. And you’re great at your job.

But it’s hard to fulfill your responsibility to ensure the privacy and security of client and proprietary data if your IT system has unresolved vulnerabilities.

Let’s face it…

Cyber-criminals want to profit off companies that don’t have their IT environment locked down.

They want your processing power to launch other attacks, storage to keep their illegal warez, log for any credit card numbers, and hunt for any personal employee data.

The only good news is that you most likely will not even know that they are in your system…….

So how do we help you build your defenses and stand a chance in the fight
against cybercrime?

  • Proactive approach: We resolve issues before they create a problem.
  • Analyze your network: We find weaknesses that could easily be exploited
  • Install 24/7 remote monitoring: We keep constant watch over your systems so that you can work worry-free.
  • Check for antiquated technologies: Out-of-date tech can leave holes in your security.
  • Enable necessary security settings: Keep your web browsers and applications safe.
  • Implement the right fixes: We deploy the patches that keep your technology functional and secure.
  • Install network security solutions: Protect your network with anti-virus, firewalls, and other countermeasures.
  • Ahead of the curve: Our team stays current on the latest security threats while keeping you updated on any ransomware, viruses, or spam that could pose a danger.
  • Install updates and upgrades: Your existing systems are updated to seal backdoors that can be exploited.
  • Communicate and inform: We keep you in the loop so that you can be confident about your systems.
  • Staff education: We train your staff on security best-practices that must be followed to stay safe online.
  • Threat awareness: We’ll teach you the tell-tale signs of hacking/phishing attacks, so you know what to avoid.

Network security is fundamental to EVERY business, regardless of the size or industry. Make sure your network is secure or face significant fines and reputation damage in the event of a breach.

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