Cybersecurity – Keep Productivity Rolling by Protecting Your Calgary Business

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They’re out there… Waiting to discover a vulnerability in your IT security.

Criminals don’t care whether they take advantage of a hole in your online protection systems or trick your employee into clicking on the wrong link. They’ll use all the damaging tools at their disposal to target your business.

Why yours? Because they are after your server processing power to hack other sites, your storage to store their illegal wares, your employees’ data for identification numbers, banking details, and credit card numbers. You are an easy target with low security with a decent payoff. You are a target.

It’s that simple.

Calgary IT Security

CTECH IT security professionals will help you do business securely online by locking down your entire system including your:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Email
  • Workstations
  • Mobile Devices
  • Firewall
  • Cloud Applications
  • Website
  • Software and Applications
  • WIFI

How do we deliver the most effective IT security for Calgary companies like yours?

  • Assessment of Critical Infrastructure

    We do deep penetration testing to identify any areas of potential risk then develop a plan to address any issues discovered. Our talented and friendly IT security professionals will report to you each step of the way and include your team while educating your employees regarding current cyber-crime dangers.

  • Implement Essential Security Elements

    We introduce proven security protocols into your IT environment such as:

    • Two-Factor Identity Authentication – ensuring that only authorized people log on to your
      network, access your data, or use your applications
    • Corporate-Class Firewalls – keeping the bad guys on the outside of your IT environment
    • Antivirus Protection – spotting and isolating viruses before they can do damage to your
    • Anti-Spam Solutions – helping you save time by pushing unwanted emails to the spam box
    • Anti-Malware Applications – protecting you from malware such as ransomware by identifying
      it and alerting our team immediately
  • Monitoring and Regular IT Security Reviews

    We don’t set up your systems and forget about you. Using proactive monitoring and active alerting that is integrated into your IT environment, we protect you by diligently monitoring your local and cloud assets for any anomalies that may indicate a security issue. Regular IT assessments are made by CTECH account managers to review the readiness of your system to react to danger and to keep it updated to meet the latest threats.

How do we deliver the most effective IT security for Calgary companies like yours?

If you can’t secure your data, you can’t count on it’s availability to you and your staff. We take that worry off your plate by backing up your entire system every 15 minutes. Along with being an outstanding feature of our business continuity offering, these backups protect you if local data becomes corrupted or you get locked out of your data by ransomware. If needed, we will spin up a server onsite, or run everything from the cloud.

Let’s get started! Protect your Calgary business now by contacting the CTECH IT security professionals. (403) 457-1478or