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Cutting Edge IT Support in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton & Saskatoon. We’re a company that helps organizations overcome IT challenges, create efficiencies, improve profitability, and create a strong culture through technology.

Cutting Edge IT Department

World Class IT Support

‘We keep everything working’
  • 12 minute response
  • Onsite/Remote Support
  • Unlimited IT support
  • Unlimited server support
  • Automated escalations
  • 24 hour system monitoring
  • IT Projects and Procurement
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Detailed reporting

Better Support
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Enhance Existing IT Department

IT Business Consulting

‘Become more competitive’
  • Remove inefficiencies
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Improve how you work
  • Reduce unneeded costs
  • Align IT to Business Goals
  • Optimize your IT Spend
  • Build tactical roadmap
  • IT becomes a competitive advantage

Improve Service
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Enterprise Business Analysis

Full Spectrum Cybersecurity

‘Properly Protect your Business’
  • AI based cybersecurity
  • Watches for attack patterns
  • Realtime threat prevention
  • Threat rollback and forensics
  • Extends to Office 365/Azure/GSuite
  • Protects identity, email, and files, 
  • Extends protection to cloud
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center
  • Certified Cybersecurity specialists
  • ….and does antivirus/malware

Properly Protect your Business
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Efficient Workplace Solutions

Staff IT Training

‘Increase staff efficiency through education’
  • Customize the education journey
  • Certified Instructors by topic
  • Onsite and remote learning
  • Lecture, classroom, lab styles
  • Improve staff’s application skills
  • Properly utilize your IT tools
  • Insure staff competency


Improve Staff Efficiency
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“We migrated everything to the cloud last year, we migrated QuickBooks, and we brought our file store over to SharePoint, and them we migrated our email from Gmail to Microsoft 365. There’s no way our whole company could have been operating as smoothly as we have been over the 3 5 months without the SharePoint access.” – Automated Rig, Andrew Richard

“Chrysalis had an IT company beforehand. They were more costly. We thought the value was not us to snuff.” After CTECH coming on board “The comfort level and support know we can call their number is a huge value.” – Chrysalis, Mindy Simard

“They’re experts in their field! I’d recommend CTECH. If I was referring some, I’d tell them that CTECH is experienced, efficient, and easy to reach for support” – Hansen Adjusters, Ole Hansen

“As a business owner, you’re so focused on day-to-day operations. The last thing you want to worry about is your network crashing. CTECH provided a solid foundation, so we can stay up and running. This frees us to focus on the things that are important to our business.” – Hearth and Home, Jason Meyer


You want your company to be more competitive, more efficient, and cost conscience. However, your current business technology limits your progress for accelerated growth. To eliminate these walls, we offer a simple road map that strips away technical barriers and frees your business to grow. It performs so well CTECH has shed the technology barriers and is 100% built on the same cutting-edge IT solutions we offer you.

How Can You Reduce Your IT Capital Costs?
  • Remove On-Premise Servers: Physical servers are costly, and the hardware loses value from depreciation. Switching to highly secure datacenters reduces adding new devices.
  • Scale Dynamically Based on Your Size and Need: Only pay for what you use as your business expands. If business drops off, reduce usage. Your only expense is what you use during that time span.
  • Try Solutions Without Financial Risk: Test current technology without investing in extra hardware. If the results do not flow with your business model, we turn it off.

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How Can You Take Control of Your Data?
  • Encrypt Files: Have all documents encrypted to ensure that only authorized personnel (internal and external) can gain access
  • Secure Documents: Prevent unauthorized personnel from printing, copying, or editing company documents
  • Employ Artificial Intelligence: AI will automatically check the contents of documents leaving your business to guarantee industry compliance
  • Enforce Industry Governance: Automatically enforce document compliance, management, and archiving

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How Can You Improve Staff Interaction With Anybody?
  • Document Sharing: Enable staff to interact with anyone securely and on shared document editing
  • Corporate Forums: Introduce department specific forums to share and exchange new ideas
  • Communication Apps: Communicate via chat, voice, and video with any mobile or desktop device
  • Collaboration Portals: Introduce internal and external personnel to collaborate securely within your network

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How Can You Streamline Remote Access?
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Use your favorite mobile or desktop device: PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet
  • Barrier Free Zones: Access, work, and collaborate with staff on company files in real-time
  • Replicate Your Office: Use a remote replica of your company desktop with full access to all your corporate applications and files
  • Work Anywhere: Work from home, in the car, in a café, at a friend’s house – in a hammock

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How Can You Dramatically Increase Security?
  • Password Enhancements: Add a simple two factor authentication for secure access
  • Identity Verification: Use AI to guarantee the identity of your staff attempting access
  • Empower Each User: Provide a self serve password reset feature for each user
  • Remote Wipe: Remove company data from employees’ devices

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The CTECH Consulting Group 3 STEP FORMULA to give our clients the necessary tools to become a COMPETATIVE LEADER through WORLD CLASS IT SUPPORT and TACTICAL IT BUSINESS CONSULTING.

Current technology empowers you to reach profitable milestones. For that reason, your business needs will dictate which technology best serves you. Having invested heavily into this mindset we have taken and reduced a detailed approach and adopted a simple three-step formula.

Step 1: Build Supportive IT Environment

As your business will transitions from the previous provider, our IT Support Department will stabilize your environment, provide responsive IT support, and deploy proactive monitoring systems that ensures your team has a reliable system to do their work.

Step 1: Build Supportive Environment

Step 2: Analyze Your Operation

Our IT Business Consulting Department will preform deep business audits to align the technology to your business goals. As a team, we create a road map to expand, streamline, and improve your business operation.

Step 2: Analyze Your Operation

Step 3: Enhance your Business

The new solutions and enhancements will start to produce tangible milestones. Over time you will notice competitive advantages, increased staff efficiency, reduced overhead costs, and a true optimization of your IT spend.  IT becomes your advantage, instead of a revenue blackhole.

Step 3: Enhance your Business


It is easy to locate IT firms in Calgary. We have many to choose from and meet. Each offers their variety of IT support to help Calgary businesses. Deciding which is the right provider for you can be confusing. That is why we recommend asking every Calgary-based IT support representative you meet:

Does their company use the technology, they want to sell you?

If you ask us, anyone on our team we will tell you we live what we sell. We at CTECH have completely immersed ourselves in the technology solutions we offer each client. We have no need for servers, offices, commutes, or parking spaces and remain a highly effective and efficient IT solutions firm.

Our teams and consultants easily and securely access any information, like you want to do. They can do this any time, on their favorite mobile or desktop device. They can communicate and collaborate with anybody and access all their tools to successfully do their job.

When you partner with CTECH you get a cutting-edge IT support firm that takes their own advice. What better choice than an organization that not only stands behind its solutions but uses them too. Read what our clients have to say about us and the awards we have won.

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When you partner with CTECH Consulting Group as your trusted Calgary IT support company, you have a partner who is the “cream of the crop.”

CTECH Consulting Group is an award-winning IT support company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We have been recognized by Microsoft, Ingram Micro, IT World Canada, and other top Canadian technology communities for the high-quality work and many satisfied Calgary-area businesses we serve.

Why trust just any IT support company, when you can have Canada’s award-winning IT support team as your IT & Computer Services Company?

  • Save Time Have time to do what needs to be done without the worry of IT systems getting in the way.
  • Save Money Improve efficiencies, collaboration and streamline processes and save money.
  • Have Peace of Mind Rest well knowing that all your business IT systems are well looked after.

Thinking About Switching IT Support Providers In Calgary?

Thinking About Switching IT Support Providers In Calgary

Ask about our SEAMLESS SWITCH program. We provide a detailed project plan and the first month at no charge to ensure a smooth, risk free transition.

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Hiring CTECH As Your Calgary IT Support Company Is Easy:

  • Calgary IT Support Is Easy: You Connect

    1. You Connect

    We take the time to learn about your business. What are your needs and how does technology play a role?
  • Calgary IT Support Is Easy: We Enhance

    2.We Enhance

    Once we understand your business and technology goals, we give you a custom Technology Roadmap for your ongoing IT needs.
  • Calgary IT Support Is Easy: You Grow

    3. You Grow

    No more IT speedbumps or hiccups! Running your business will be less stressful, and you will be free to focus on your people, business strategy, and customers.

Get The Best IT Support Information To Help Your Calgary Business

Each week CTECH shares valuable information about the world of technology and how you can use IT more efficiently in your organization. Watch our weekly tech tips below.

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