Are You Sure Your IT Systems Management in Calgary is Up to Par?

Most business owners are aware that not all IT companies are equal. They also know that not all subscribers get equal service guarantees or packages – even though you may pay the same price for them. With CTECH Consulting Group, however, you get an all-inclusive array of broad IT management offerings for one low, monthly […]

Most business owners are aware that not all IT companies are equal. They also know that not all subscribers get equal service guarantees or packages – even though you may pay the same price for them. With CTECH Consulting Group, however, you get an all-inclusive array of broad IT management offerings for one low, monthly price. Can your current providers of IT system management in Calgary do that for you?

If not, we’re glad you found us. Read on for more details on how our IT company is the right choice if you want the best IT service value for your hard-earned dollar.

As costs increase and quality of service declines in the marketplace, we have to step up and do more for those in need of better IT service deliverables.

Your IT System Management in Calgary Shouldn’t Break the Bank

CTECH Consulting Group realizes that when it comes to providing technology solutions for businesses, one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve put together a team that has the knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of industries and software solutions.

Our client-focused service vector allows us to work with you to create a customized IT solution that stays within your budget and fits your specific needs.

Our IT services include:

  • Advanced IT security monitoring;
  • Full business continuity solutions;
  • cloud computing services;
  • Email encryption and security;
  • Desktop management;
  • Managed network security;
  • Firewall management;
  • Business IT consulting;
  • Strategic IT planning;
  • Reliable, continuous server backups;
  • Desktop encryption, and more!

Your IT Systems Demand Top Network Management for Small Businesses

CTECH Consulting Group recognizes that you are the experts in your field of business and that we are the experts who provide IT solutions through superior network management. There are many benefits that coincide with leveraging a managed IT service provider. That’s why many small and mid-sized businesses turn to CTECH Consulting Group for their network management solutions.

Our network monitoring tools, support, and solutions for small business IT networks enable you to eliminate downtime, save money, and increase efficiency. We simply take away the hassle of managing small business IT services, allowing you to place the focus on your daily business needs and growing your company.

How does CTECH Consulting Group help you grow your business?

As we’ve already mentioned, we make more money as our clients’ businesses grow; so of course, we’re in the business to help you achieve profitability and success! How do we do this?

We build a solid and supportable network for you to work in – and we ensure that network is right for your business, now and well into the future.

We act as an entire IT department to handle anything IT-related; allowing you to focus on what you’re best at – running your business.

We create a sensible IT plan that reduces unexpected surprises and helps you remain competitive in the market.

Cloud Hosting Management Reduces Costs & Optimizes Infrastructure.

We take care of all the maintenance and support of your virtual environments so you can sit back worry-free and enjoy all the benefits. Our cloud hosting server reduces your physical infrastructure costs, consolidates servers, optimizes infrastructure and does a whole lot more.

These virtual environments play a vital role in your overall network management solutions, addressing your business needs through providing the scalability and affordability that best fits your business, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Why Network Monitoring Is Critical to Good IT System Management

Network Monitoring is essential for companies of any size, type, or industry. The right monitoring tool not only ensures that you are notified when outages occur but also increases network efficiency by tracking bandwidth and resource consumption.

Network monitoring offers the following main benefits:

  • Reduced inefficiency & downtime; no more undetected system failures.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through a quicker and more reliable system.
  • Peace of mind: Until you hear from the monitoring tool, you’ll know your systems are running perfectly.

Continuous network and server monitoring enable you to find problems and respond to them before they become a serious threat to your business. Our network management and monitoring software help your business to perform better by:

  • Helping you avoid network performance bottlenecks.
  • Delivering better quality of service to your users by being proactive.
  • Reducing costs by buying bandwidth and hardware according to your real needs.
  • Maximizing profits by avoiding losses caused by undetected system failures.

All of this and more goes into our dedication to providing IT system management in Calgary that businesses truly profit from.

We enjoy providing you a cost-cutting, all-inclusive network management system that’s part of the perfect mix of business and technology alignment for your Calgary AB area business.

With CTECH Consulting Group steering your IT system management in Calgary, you get IT support that works diligently to protect your computer network investment by routinely:

  • Analyzing your technology to search for any weak points and vulnerabilities that may result in malware or virus infections.
  • Implementing the right tools to keep your network and email safe, including anti-virus, firewalls, user authentication, and much more.
  • Keeping your systems and files backed up, onsite and offsite, mitigating your worries about a disaster leaving you unable to work.

Need Sure Systems Management from an authentic managed service provider?

The best and most efficient way to get your IT managed services (for both cost control and IT management itself) is a true managed service provider who can bring you business IT support in an all-inclusive package that features a fixed monthly rate, broader coverage, and highly-responsive support.

With cybersecurity exploits and data breaches happening more and more to smaller companies as well as big, CTECH Consulting Group fills the gap with the agilest, alert tech monitoring systems and network security management tools known to IT service!

Our CEO Carl Fransen has won the Ingram Micro Cloud Award (among other awards in the Canadian IT industry). But, this isn’t a boast – it’s meant to convey the assurance that only top-level IT consulting in Calgary can deliver. Carl and his company espouse the values of openness, honesty, integrity, and care in doing a job they can be proud of – for each customer they serve.

Is it any wonder we’ve become one the most talked about companies offering competitive IT system management in Calgary?

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