Month: January 2018

There’s no better solution for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) today than Microsoft Office 365. Why?  Because instead of simply packaging the popular applications you use (like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more) Microsoft has taken the extra step to integrate these tools, along with others. This provides your business the capabilities a larger-sized business enjoys.

If you’re not doing everything in your power to protect your data, you’re leaving your most valuable business asset open to cybercriminals! January 28th, 2018 is Data Privacy Day, an international effort led by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) annually for the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of safeguarding data. Data Privacy

What does this mean for our already established and loyal client base? It means, simply, that you will continue to get the same peerless service and support — only now with more “deliverables” than before

These days it seems like no one is safe from a cyber attack. Small businesses, however, are especially vulnerable because of their value and the fact that they’re easy to infiltrate. Larger companies tend to have better measures in place to prevent attacks. Individuals have less worth to steal. Smaller businesses are just right, to

Carl Fransen, CTECH’s founder, is celebrating 16 years providing IT services and support to companies throughout Calgary and all across Southern Alberta.

Fundamentally your success on LinkedIn starts with a powerful and totally professional presence. You should carefully write your profile with your ideal customer in mind before you begin connecting to maximize the impact of your initial impression online.

Ghostpine Environmental Services is a consulting firm based in Calgary Alberta. They work with organizations across Canada, delivering environmental solutions that work for businesses, the community and the world we live in.

Acadia Wellness Center Offers chiropractic and alternative health services to patients in Calgary through their registered massage therapists, holistic health specialists, NUCCA-Certified Chiropractors. Dr. Travis Cox Owns and runs this very busy clinic, and he didn’t have the time to worry about IT.

CDL Carpet & Floor Centre has been struggling for close to two years with IT that just wouldn’t cut it. A Growing Company in Calgary, CDL has about 30 staff members in two locations, and they rely on their computers to keep operations flowing smoothly every day, especially for their sales staff who needed to process orders and quotes, schedule installs, and all sort of other tasks.

One of CTECH’s clients is Chrysalis OB-Gyn, an association of five specialist physicians in Calgary, Alberta. We Spoke with Mandy Simard, the Office Manager at Chrysalis, to See what they thought about the service they have received from CTECH.