How to Save Time and Hassle with Microsoft FindTime

Microsoft FindTime makes it easy to schedule business meetings in a matter of minutes, thus saving you and your employees a great deal of time, hassle, and frustration.

Save Time and Hassle with Microsoft FindTime

It’s always been a challenge for business colleagues who need to meet together to organize a convenient time to do so. The COVID-19 quarantine has made this already difficult task even more daunting as colleagues who work remotely can no longer pop into another person’s office to ask a quick question about changing the meeting schedule. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to the predicament. Microsoft FindTime makes it easy to schedule business meetings in a matter of minutes, thus saving you and your employees a great deal of time, hassle, and frustration.

How FindTime Works

FindTime is an Outlook add-on that enables a meeting organizer to see when colleagues are free to meet. It also has a polling system that allows everyone to vote on a convenient meeting time. Once everyone provides information on their free/busy times, an organizer proposes two or more meeting time options for everyone to vote on. The voting is done via FindTime, which then tallies up the results to automatically schedule meetings at a time that’s most convenient for all the attendees.

Furthermore, FindTime isn’t just useful for in-house business meetings. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and even salespeople use the program when scheduling meetings with current and potential clients. Given the fact that the average salesperson spends five hours a week just scheduling calls and meetings, it’s not hard to see how FindTime can be a huge productivity/sales-boosting tool for any business.

How to Start Using FindTime

Anyone who has Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Business or an Office 365 Enterprise account can download FindTime and install it. The program is compatible with Outlook Desktop, Outlook online, and Outlook for Mac. It can run on the 2013 and 2016 Outlook versions but you’ll need to log in every time you create a poll.

The program is automatically added to Outlook as soon as you download it. You just need to restart Outlook and then head over to FindTime to start a poll. Only the person responsible for setting the meeting schedule needs FindTime, as the program can send invites via Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other email services. Voting for the meeting time is done on the FindTime voting page and invitees don’t need FindTime or even Office to cast their vote.

Do You Need Professional FindTime Assistance?

FindTime is an easy-to-use Outlook add-on and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to install and put it to good use. However, we understand not every business has a Microsoft account set-up. Alternatively, you may have a number of employees responsible for organizing meetings and perhaps some of these employees are working from home on a personal computer that does not have an Office 365 account.

If you need help with FindTime or any other Office product or service, feel free to give CTECH a call at your convenience. CTECH Consulting Group is a top Microsoft Partner in Canada, and our team of IT experts offers a range of IT services to growing and established businesses throughout Calgary and Southern Alberta. What’s more, we specialize in digital transformation that will enable you to boost your business by leveraging IT to its fullest potential so you can save time and money on operating expenses while improving customer service and in-house morale, boosting profits and setting up your company for long-term success.