We’re the Microsoft Partner in Calgary Who Can Help Boost Your Productivity in Multiple Ways

We’re the Microsoft Partner in Calgary Who Can Help Boost Your Productivity in Multiple Ways Speak With A Calgary Cloud Expert Now Ready To Take Microsoft Office 365 Out For A Spin? Let CTECH Be Your Professional Office 365 Guide. Sign Up For A Free Demo Of Microsoft’s Powerful Cloud Application. Your Information Is Safe […]

Companies these days are looking to maximize their productivity and ROI regarding their technology investments. Luckily, CTECH Consulting Group is a Microsoft Partner in Calgary who can closely guide you through the sometimes-confusing maze and efficient use of technology applications, like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM and ERP programs.

A Leading Microsoft Partner in Western Canada

Here are 7 main reasons that make us the most qualified Microsoft support partner in Alberta:

  1. We are one of 13 IT firms in Western Canada that were selected as a Microsoft Partner. This means that Microsoft will now: (1) Build With (2) Go to Market with (3) Sell With us, supporting us in supporting you every step of the way.
  2. Microsoft assists us in all aspects of creating a new IT solution, marketing it, and then selling it to buyers. All we have to do is come up with the winning ideas.
  3. Also, Microsoft has put us first as one of their go-to Microsoft Partners in Calgary and their staff is commissioned on the profit of the net sales that run through us.
  4. We have a dedicated Account Manager in Andrew Tawaststjerna, who can be contacted at antaw@microsoft.com. He directs and guides us through all the Microsoft departments and gets us the resources we need to make sure our clients in Calgary get the max benefit from our IT services.
  5. Our previous rep Brian Miller has been tasked with finding new opportunities and selected partners (like us) that would be able to deliver the goods (and services).
  6. The Microsoft training centers are now open for us. Anything you want to learn regarding IoT, BI, AI, etc., is all there.
  7. Ingram Micro has stepped up and is offering their marketing and cloud divisions for assisting us in being the kind of Microsoft Partner Calgary businesses look to for guidance.

IT Support for Accountants and Other Professionals

Professional IT service takes an extra measure of precision and accuracy – something accountants and other professionals who need good bookkeeping understand implicitly.

You can’t be expected, though, to master all the complexities of information technology (along with the suite of MS offerings) on your own. That’s why you need a dedicated Microsoft Partner in Calgary that delivers IT support for professional services like law firms and accountants that helps you meet specific requirements like regulatory compliance standards and best data storage practices.

CTECH Consulting Group is just the kind of Microsoft Partner in Calgary you can trust to be as engaged as you would expect a client-confirmed IT support company to be. We intimately understand and provide for the special needs of professionals like CPAs, healthcare providers, educators, and law firms where concerns the safe, secure data storage and transmission of their clients’ private financial data.

We know how professionals under the scrutiny of HIPAA, FINRA, and SOX compliance have had to become as many specialists in software proficiency as they are adept at their professions – and to that end, we come in handy as an IT software mentor, tutor, and partner.

We’re the kind of Microsoft Partner Calgary professional service firms rely on, and we help our clients make good use of data management technology. And, our well-trained eyes as a standout among top-rated IT support companies have helped many of these firms master the challenges posed by contemporary safe data use guidelines and provisions.

Ready to get started right away? Contact us today at (403) 457-1478 or email us at info@ctechgroup.net for more information and /or to schedule a quick and easy consultation with a Microsoft Partner in Calgary you really can trust.


Better Microsoft Tech Support Solutions,
at a Better Price

We have the types of special business-aligned software and hardware provisions that meet the data management and transmission assurance needs of our professional and small business clients. We also understand that efficient data management and processing is a must-have for accountants and other professionals and that their IT networks need to meet such demand on an ongoing basis.

This includes data management technology that addresses or includes:

  • Virtual servers and workstations.
  • Advanced data network and cyber security
  • Meeting financial compliance (and other compliance) standards.
  • Authorizations, password protections, and permissions.
  • Mobility and mobile device management.
  • Cloud storage, computing, and other cloud services.
  • Email encryption and spam filtering.
  • Secure file sharing solutions.
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity planning and more.
  • Ongoing server monitoring and maintenance.

In short, we understand how much information technology has impacted accounting and data management processes for professionals and enterprises in both very beneficial and very challenging ways. We’ll take on the IT worries, so you can get on with meeting your own clients’ needs and the non-IT demands of your day

And, we won’t break your budget in implementing multi-faceted steps to optimizing your use of Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP, and a literal host of other MS solutions!

We employ a flat-fee, scalable pricing option for growing small businesses on up to large enterprises, which helps you manage and measure costs in a more beneficial way.

We simply want to see our clients get the best technology management solutions at prices that are cost-effective. Because, a happy client is a true feather in our cap as a Microsoft Partner in Calgary, and what gets us out of bed in the morning!

A Leading Calgary Microsoft Partner is Only a Phone Call Away

CTECH Consulting Group helps those who need to meet more demanding standards in data processing and management. Contact us today to get the best technology management solutions for your business at (403) 457-1478 or email us at info@ctechgroup.net for more information and/or to schedule a quick and easy consultation with a Microsoft Partner in Calgary you really
can trust.