We focus on taking our expertise in the latest technology to find you creative solutions to address any pain points, make your business more efficient, and give everyone a better lifestyle.

We act become your entire IT department – working hand in hand with your staff, helping them to grow and succeed in today’s competitive market.

What Makes Us Unique?

Like many IT support companies, we do all the basics – and we do them with excellence.

BUT we are much MORE than the average IT support company…

Because our business lives in the cloud and utilizes the very technologies that we help our clients implement, we become our own “showroom.”

By utilizing new and emerging technologies, we are able to better effect service delivery and be more agile in our approach to our client’s IT challenges.

You can leverage these IT-enabled business changes too!

We bring benefits to our clients faster because we live every day in these mobile, flexible, and efficient technologies.

We want our solutions to allow you to enjoy the success and lifestyle that you deserve for all your hard work!

To reach that goal, we help you do business — Anywhere at Any Time on Any Device, Anyone can access Any Information they want to and collaborate with Anybody.

Our Approach

You will be given a full team: Account Manager, Senior Architect, Onsite Tech, and Helpdesk to ensure that all your IT department needs are met.

Ultimately, we want to improve our clients’ businesses through what we’re best at – technology. Our clients succeed, and as a result, we have seen success as well.

Account Manager

Senior Architect

Onsite Tech


How we make lots of money

Well, let’s be honest: we want to make lots of money – and we can’t do that unless our clients are growing. And every time a client called, we would need to dispatch a tech or do work, and naturally, that cost us money.

Here’s our secret.

We have focused the majority of our effort on being proactive. We will supply It strategies, IT budgets, quarterly business reviews, we will regularly perform daily, weekly, monthly proactive maintenance trying to identify problems before they happen.

In addition…

We make sure they’re able to grow their business, which in turn, grows their staff. And because we charge per seat, this allows us to make more money as our clients’ businesses grow! It’s a win-win partnership.

How does CTECH help you
Grow Your Business?

As we’ve already mentioned, we make more money as our clients’ businesses grow.

So of course, we’re in the business to help you achieve profitability and success!

How do we do this?

  • Evaluation: We survey your processes to fully understand your workflow and the underlying technology.
  • Maintenance: We manage and monitor the physical and moving parts of that strategy to ensure that you are getting the lifestyle benefits of moving to an automated, integrated IT environment.
  • Strategic Thinking: We collaborate with you on a strategy that will provide a strong IT foundation into 2020 and beyond.
  • Service: We provide friendly, Canadian-based support staff for your IT questions and speedy response to any emerging IT issues.
  • Action: We enact that strategy – delivering on our promises of collaboration, mobility, and scalability.