When searching for IT service providers, in Calgary, AB, the list is long. Your ideal team must have hands-on business technology experience and can address any updates your current systems require.

The Calgary IT Services offered by CTECH Consulting Group does both. Partnering with us, you get the IT department you want – working hand in hand with your staff, especially in remote workspaces.

Why Is CTECH Thorough?

With IT systems fully connected – you’ve discovered some support issues are not what they seem to be.

And why average IT support is not a good fit for your company…

Like you, our business also thrives in mobile, flexible, and efficient technologies. What we have discovered along the way, has benefited our clients quickly.

By utilizing new and emerging technologies for the remote workspace, your company moves quickly and easily. Still, along with that, more unique IT challenges spring up.

That’s when you leverage our Calgary IT services as your business grows.

With CTECH’s IT Services, your business can take full advantage of the cloud and begin using technologies to streamline your business processes.

Our IT service solutions will let you enjoy more business success and a lifestyle you’ve earned from hard work and dedication!

To ensure your goal gets met, you begin by streamlining your business. We recommend starting with your staff. You’ll want your teams to access any information, from anywhere, at any time, on any device, when collaborating with others remotely.

Our Approach

You will be given a full team: Account Manager, Senior Architect, Onsite Tech, and Helpdesk to ensure that all your IT department needs are met.

Ultimately, we want to improve our clients’ businesses through what we’re best at – technology. Our clients succeed, and as a result, we have seen success as well.

Account Manager

Senior Architect

Onsite Tech


Like You, We Want You To Grow Too!

Let’s be fair: you want to grow and make a nice profit – and we want you to exceed that goal. But, there is something we discovered along the way with other clients you’ll want to know.

Every time a client called, we had to dispatch a tech, survey the site, and correct the issue. Naturally, that was an unexpected expense our client could have avoided.

So, how did we lower their unexpected IT service costs?

We changed their IT services model. The clients we switched over from reactive IT services were shocked. Each discovered our Calgary proactive IT services immediately eliminated unnecessary spending and did not exceed their IT budgets.


They also received IT strategies, IT budgets, and quarterly business reviews. Along with those benefits, we regularly performed daily, weekly, and monthly proactive maintenance to identify unusual activity.

Can CTECH help you
Grow Your Business?

The answer, of course, is “Yes!” As we’ve already mentioned, we want you to grow. We want your staff to get easy remote workplace access and Calgary IT services that eliminate the flow of unexpected IT costs.

To do that, we provide you with a 5-Step process.

  1. Evaluation
  2. Maintenance
  3. Strategic Thinking
  4. Service
  5. Action

Through our process, you will gain more control over your business technology. Your staff will spend more time with clients and less on IT issues. Their productivity will increase, and downtimes will decrease.

How do we do this?

  • Evaluation: We survey your processes to fully understand your workflow and the underlying technology.
  • Maintenance: We manage and monitor the physical and moving parts of that strategy to ensure that you are getting the lifestyle benefits of moving to an automated, integrated IT environment.
  • Strategic Thinking: We collaborate with you on a strategy that will provide a strong IT foundation into 2020 and beyond.
  • Service: We provide friendly, Canadian-based support staff for your IT questions and speedy response to any emerging IT issues.
  • Action: We enact that strategy – delivering on our promises of collaboration, mobility, and scalability.