When A Large IT Support Company In Calgary Fails Local Business … They Call CTECH

That was the conclusion of one local business at the start of 2019. The business had been working with a large IT company in Calgary. However, the 12-employee business felt it was paying too much for infrastructure support and its future IT needs.

Big is definitely not always better when it comes to IT support.

That was the conclusion of one local business at the start of 2019. The business had been working with a large IT company in Calgary. However, the 12-employee business felt it was paying too much for infrastructure support and its future IT needs.

That’s why the business reached out to the CTECH Consulting Group to learn about its exceptional service and cost-effective solutions. CTECH Consulting Group provides services and support for a wide range of clients in the Calgary area, with each solution customized to solve pressing technical issues.

What Does a Top IT Support Company in Calgary Provide?

Your IT support company in Calgary should offer a range of services and solutions. At CTECH Consulting Group, we deliver to our clients:

  • Strategic IT consulting
  • Managed IT services, including help-desk support, monitoring and hosting
  • Cybersecurity to protect your network, email and devices
  • Business continuity
  • Mobile device management
  • Business telephone systems

Our team approach to your business needs makes CTECH Consulting Services unique. As a CTECH client, you’ll work with a team of our professionals who are dedicated to and focused on your business. The team includes an account manager, senior architect, on-site technician and help-desk leader.

Your CTECH team invests the time in understanding your business and its unique needs, goals and challenges. Once we have a firm grasp of your business, we develop a plan that has your best interests front and center. Staying ahead of the fast-changing technologies and innovations is difficult when you’re trying to focus on your business. That’s why more small- and medium-sized Canadian businesses are turning to managed services providers.

Most importantly, CTECH Consulting Group follows industry best practices, including focusing on client business needs, having deep client industry-specific knowledge and being a proactive partner.

How Does an IT Support Company in Calgary Help My Business?

Unlike other IT companies, we do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to your tech needs. We will address any and all IT department concerns your company might have.

Using new and emerging technologies, we’re able to offer excellent service delivery and agility when it comes to deploying and managing your solutions. Our extensive knowledge of vendors, products and their capabilities means you can leverage our expertise to stay many steps ahead of your competition.

The CTECH Consulting Group uses a five-step process to serve your business:

  1. Evaluation. We complete an assessment of your processes to understand workflow and the technologies used.
  2. Strategic Thinking. We collaborate with your leadership team to identify business priorities and challenges. Using that information, we partner with you to create an IT strategy that helps address your business goals now and in the future.
  3. Delivery. We deploy, configure and test the strategic solution and make sure that your employees understand how to best use the new technologies to improve processes and productivity.
  4. Maintenance. We manage the components of your IT infrastructure, from hardware and software to cabling and network functionality. Our continuous monitoring solutions keep your automated and integrated solution operating at optimal levels and protected from unwanted intrusions.
  5. Service. From basic software glitches to complex IT matters, our friendly and talented staff are ready to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly.

Our team takes a proactive approach to your technology solution. As your strategic partner, we remain invested in your success long after programs are installed and machines are configured. Our ongoing relationship with you includes:

  • IT budget analysis, including cost forecasting, recommendations and review
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Daily, weekly and monthly monitoring to identify and anticipate problems

How Do We Know if an IT Support Company Can Serve Our Industry?

Choosing the right IT support company in Calgary means understanding your potential partner’s industry experience and knowledge. At CTECH Consulting Group, we work with companies throughout the area in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Hospitality.
  • Oil and Gas

Each business has specific functional or regulatory requirements, workflows and challenges. We understand, for example, the importance of remote connectivity for oil & gas, construction and environmental companies. We know the privacy needs of health care and educational institutions. If appropriate, we address regulatory requirements necessary to comply with national, provincial, local or industrial compliance mandates.

Our experience in many sectors lets you tap into our collective knowledge to meet your unique needs.

How Do We Get Help When We Need It?

As a CTECH Consulting Services client, you can get answers and service quickly via our help-desk services. We use our own support center, not an offshore call center, to handle your needs. In most cases, we can resolve hardware, software and network issues remotely.

You and your employees can access the help desk via telephone, an online tool installed on your devices, an online portal or email. Once a help-desk ticket is issued, you’ll receive progress updates at each stage until the issue is resolved.

We don’t use techy jargon or lingo. Instead, our support team uses easy-to-understand terminology and simple language to give you the clarity and confidence that an issue has been identified, explained and resolved.

Our help-desk services are available to you 24/7. If your employees are on a sales call, client visit or another out-of-office task, they can access the same support on any device, anywhere and at any time.

How Does Your Technology Protect Our Data?

Today, your business needs a comprehensive approach to security that blankets your organization in multi-layered protection. Our tools work on multiple levels to keep your data, machines, systems and networks fully accessible and secure.

We start by doing deep penetration testing to identify any risks and vulnerabilities. Our team develops a plan to address those issues and provide continuous coverage. Our solutions include:

  • Corporate-Class Firewalls. Working on the outer edges of your network, firewalls monitor for suspicious activity and keep intruders away.
  • Anti-Virus Protection. We find, isolate and destroy trojans, viruses, worms and other nasty programs before they can take hold and cause damage.
  • Anti-Spam Solutions. We stop nuisance emails from reaching your inboxes.
  • Anti-Malware Software. Ransomware and other malware can hold your company hostage. Stop these intrusions from happening and causing damage.
  • Two-Factor Authentication. Add an additional layer of protection to keep unauthorized users from accessing your network.

CTECH Consulting Group is a proud Microsoft partner and has won numerous industry awards, including being named one of Canada’s top managed IT companies for 2018. If your business is looking for an experienced, reliable IT partner that takes a customer-centric approach, contact us today to be connected with a member of our team.