Top Five Things To Know To Help Your Company Survive COVID-19

Here are five resources that your small to medium-sized business could use to help your company survive the COVID-19 pandemic's various impacts in Canada.

Five Resources That Can Help Your Small Business Survive COVID-19

Here are five resources that your small to medium-sized business could use to help your company survive the COVID-19 pandemic’s various impacts in Canada.

No matter what dreams you may have, specific priorities always rise as paramount. Health is one of those priorities. We cannot achieve our dreams or properly enjoy our friends and families without good health. The same can be said for the health of your company. With over 99% of all businesses in Canada being small or medium-sized operations, maintaining your enterprise’s health is essential to everyone (ISED).

That is why you must take advantage of available government resources and the services of managed IT companies.

Struggling Calgary Business COVID-19

Five Ways You Can Ensure The Continued Operation Of Your Enterprise After Covid-19

Stay Physically Healthy By Following Recommendations

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to make sure your business survives Covid-19 is to make sure you and your employees survive. That means following the recommendations about frequent hand washing and social distancing. For many enterprises, the closing of all nonessential businesses is exceptionally painful. However, do not give in to the temptation to risk your health to keep your business going longer. Whatever steps you take to help your business survive, you have to survive as well.

VPN Or Cloud-Based Infrastructures For Remote Working

Many businesses, like salons or dentists, are simply not able to operate with physical distancing restrictions. However, it may be possible that your business can still operate with the right remote working infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Office 365may allow your employees to access data and documents from anywhere. Internal teams can find a variety of collaboration tools to allow joint work projects to continue.

However, you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the right security protocols to protect your virtual operation. With the best managed IT consultant you can build a remote working solution that ensures business continuity even after Covid-19.

Government Resources For Businesses

To ensure the stability of the Canadian economy during and after Covid-19, financial assistance has been made available to Canadian businesses. Make sure you proactively access whatever resources can keep your organization stable during this time. For example, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) offers $2,000 a month for entrepreneurs and small business owners enduring financial hardships due to COVID-19. The federal government also provides work-sharing and wage subsidy programs to help employers survive in the next few months. Tax payments have been deferred until August 31, 2020, and several business finance options are available in concert with lending institutions. Visit for specific details on these and other programs.

Resources For Employees

Many businesses find that they can only be as successful as their employees allow. That means keeping your employees secure is good for your business. Make sure your employees know about the resources that can help them survive as well. The CERB will also support workers with four months of $2,000 stipends. Child Benefit Payments have also been increased to help families with children. More information on resources for employees is also available at

IT Best Practices For Adaptation

Remaining mentally flexible may be the best advice. We don’t know the future, and none of us can predict how Covid-19 will shape the years to come. But with the right IT expert, you can at least know that you will stay informed on whatever cutting edge technologies emerge in your industry. IT professionals love to watch technology trends and with contacts worldwide they will know the best practices. Keeping a great IT consultant will ensure you are ready for the future.

We Can Help You Prepare

Whatever the future holds for Calgary area businesses, CTECH can help you retain your competitive edge. We have the expertise and experience to build a secure remote working structure and business continuity plan for your company. Contact us today to keep your company going strong.