Why Do Calgary Businesses Change IT Service Companies? (Reasons/Solutions)

Many businesses in Calgary have been getting their service and support from the same IT provider for years. It's time for them to take a look at the results. You should do the same.  And if your Calgary IT service company isn't providing the top-notch service you deserve, it's time to change.

Many businesses in Calgary have been getting their service and support from the same IT provider for years. It’s time for them to take a look at the results. You should do the same.  And if your Calgary IT service company isn’t providing the top-notch service you deserve, it’s time to change.

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I hear you … this might take some time to do, and change is always difficult. But if you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, do your homework now to determine if there are other IT service providers in Calgary that would do a better job.

Below Are 7 Reasons Why Calgary Businesses Change Their IT Service Company:

1) IT Issues Aren’t Completely Resolved 

If you’re experiencing reoccurring issues that aren’t being resolved by your current Calgary IT Support company, this is a good indication that you need a new one. Unless they are tracking your IT system remotely for potential failures or bottlenecks, you aren’t getting the service you deserve.

A reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) will employ remote monitoring and management of your network to detect issues and resolve them before they cause downtime. If not, it’s time to switch.  Proper monitoring alerts your IT company that they should take note of and proactively solve a problem.  In most instances, they can take care of issues remotely without disturbing your operations.

2) You Have To Wait Too Long For Service

If you find that you’re waiting longer for service than you did in the past, it could be that your provider has taken on more work than they can handle. Or perhaps they’re trying to impress new clients, and they think that, because you’ve stayed with them so long, you won’t go to another provider.  If you must keep checking in to see when they will attend to your tech problems, it’s time to start looking for another Calgary IT Services provider.

3) Surprise! An Invoice You Didn’t Expect

Some additional charges should be expected from time to time, but you shouldn’t be surprised by them. If your current managed service provider is communicating with you and keeping you informed, this shouldn’t happen.  Plus, a managed service provider should provide a clear-cut package of services that are covered in your contract where you pay the same fee every month. Certainly, if you have additional needs, like moving your technology to another site, or adding new computing devices and software solutions, these charges will be extra, but should never be a surprise.

Transparency is vital, and your Calgary IT Support company should always keep you informed. They should be completely transparent regarding how many hours you’re accruing and what issues need addressing at any point in time. If they aren’t doing this and you aren’t kept in the loop about things, it may be time to change IT companies.

4) They’re Always Trying To Sell You Something

If your managed service provider is always promoting some new service or technology solution, it’s time to find a new company.  Of course, they should consult with you if your hardware or software is no longer reliable. And there will be times when you’ll need new products or services. But anything they recommend should be justified by a security, efficiency, reliability, or productivity need; not just because it’s the latest tech toy.

A reliable and trustworthy MSP in Calgary will consult with you on how specific technology solutions can improve your operations. They should also be able to support their recommendations.  For example, if you’re backing up your data to a hard drive that’s onsite, they may advise that you consider a cloud-based backup solution, so you’ll have better access to your data. You’ll need this if your hard drive is damaged, destroyed, or fails.  If you feel like you’re always being upsold, look for another Calgary IT Service.

5) New Techs Keep Showing Up

Every business has its share of new employees, but if you never get to see the same tech twice, the IT company you’re using probably has a high turnover rate.  This is always an indicator that they’re having some management issues.

It’s essential that you build a good relationship with their techs, and they get to know your business technology.  Your IT professional should acquire a deep understanding of your business’s IT challenges and requirements. This can’t happen if a new tech shows up each time you need service.  Time to look for another IT provider.

6) They Don’t Understand Your Industry Requirements

Not only should your IT provider get to know your business, but they should also understand the industry you work in. If you’re a healthcare provider, they should know about all the regulations you must meet for patient privacy.  If you work in the oil and gas sector, they should know about your operations and the challenges you face when trying to stay connected with your workers in the field. All of this is important to ensure improved communications, workflow, and productivity.

7) Security Is Lacking

You must be able to trust that your managed service provider will keep your technology secure and data safe from hackers. Are they considering all the ways your data could be breached? Have they run vulnerability audits and used penetration testing to ensure there are no security gaps in your IT infrastructure?  Have they offered to train your employees on the latest IT threats and how to avoid them?  Is your network being monitored 24/7 for security issues?

Small and mid-sized organizations of all kinds are being targeted by hackers today because many don’t have the technology in place to keep them out.  Your IT Services company in Calgary should make IT security a priority.

Why Is It Time To Change IT Companies?

If anyone of these issues affects your business, it’s time to take a harder look at your Calgary IT Services company. If they aren’t providing the top-notch service you deserve, it’s time for a change.

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