If you need a software program that can help you with mapping, data management, and analysis, then CTECH Consulting Group can help. We’re an IT company in Calgary with AccuMap expertise and consultancy experience that helps businesses and individuals leverage the best use of this versatile software program.

How can you quickly gather information to determine opportunity and assess risk?

AccuMap® is a mapping, data management, and analysis software for companies operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Frontier areas.

Used by geoscientists, land personnel, accounting staff and managers, AccuMap integrates various datasets including land, well, spatial, midstream and production information to see the big picture opportunity.

Our Calgary IT company can help you use AccuMap to:

  • Incorporate industry knowledge into specific oil and gas stages
  • Work through plays from discovery to production
  • Move data easily between applications
  • Create customized workflow solutions
  • Support exploration decisions with a single application
  • Access and integrate data from AccuLogs®, GeoSyn® and Petra®

Over 2.5 million well log images and core data for over 745,000 oil and natural gas wells. Daily updates for over 400,000 Alberta pressure tests, 23,000 BC well files and 90,000 Saskatchewan well files. Contains 100% of available seismic location data.

Components include:

  • AccuLogs
  • Core Analyses Data
  • Directional Surveys Data
  • Energy Documents: Wells
  • Seismic Location Data
  • DST Data
  • Field, Pool and Unit Boundaries Datasets
  • Pressure Test Data
  • Fluid Analyses Data
  • Production Data

The Precise and comprehensive pipeline, plant and facility data, spatially corrected and adjusted to surveyed right of ways and imagery are also included. Components include:

  • Enhanced Pipeline, and
  • Gas Plant and Facility

You also get comprehensive data on culture, grid, transportation, environment, topography and more. Components include:

  • AltaLIS 20K Base Culture Data
  • Canada Transportation Infrastructure Data (TID)
  • Valtus Ortho Photos Imagery Data

Our Calgary IT company Helps with AccuMap Installations, Networking, and Support

Need AccuMap installed? Looking to enhance your software application skills on this?

Our AccuSuite consultancy can deliver the similar overview and detail as the in-person Accumap support. We have learned the latest developments in the AccuSuite software, utilize new mapping techniques and add new skills to your repertoire.

With our Calgary AccuMap consulting you can:

  • Apply all AccuMap features to your work
  • Maximize your time
  • Boost understanding
  • Increase adoption

CTECH Consulting Group can help you or your business venture with mapping, data management, and analysis. We’re an IT company in Calgary with AccuMap expertise and consultancy experience that helps businesses and individuals leverage the most advantageous use of this versatile software program.

We offer comprehensive, effective and quality AccuMap tips and training for geoscientists and geophysicists all over the world. Our goal is to educate the industry and provide a solid foundation for users of the analytical software.

Our AccuMap consultancy offers a cost-effective and efficient way to get up to speed on industry applications and are globally available as public training or private onsite training upon request.

Our AccuMap experts are experienced in the industry and are experts in certain analytical software. Each trainer works closely with design managers and technical support to create state of the art, practical courses that can be immediately applied to real-world applications. We offer a broad spectrum of datasets featuring geological and geophysical data through our AccuMap consulting. The training manuals provided in each course also serve as reliable desk references for all AccuMap software users.

Why does AccuMap need extra security settings?

The default security settings for .NET applications running from a network share do not allow x86 code to execute. AccuMap has always been composed entirely of x86 code and there will still be plenty of it in the most recent release. The security settings need to be adjusted to allow AccuMap to execute its code.

Will the security settings have to be reset if the location of the server changes?

Yes. The security settings are based on a file path to the server. If that path changes, then you will need to reset the security settings. If the path changes by moving the installation into subfolders, then the security settings will still hold.

But, no worries about security – with cybersecurity exploits and data breaches happening more and more to smaller companies as well as big, CTECH Consulting Group fills the gap with the agilest, alert tech monitoring systems and network security management tools known to IT service!

It’s what helps us to be the best IT company for AccuMap consulting in Calgary.

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