Month: August 2015

All About Android 6.0 Google’s newest sweet treat, or it’s newest version of Android, has only been known by codename -Android M- until now. Considering that every year Google names it’s newest version of Android after a sweet treat, working their way from A to Z, we are not too shocked to hear the name

Can You Trust Your IT Support Provider with Your Calgary Business’ Oil and Gas Economics Software? The Oil and Gas industry is the lifeblood of many businesses here in Calgary, which isn’t something that most IT support companies understand. Businesses like yours that use Oil and Gas economics software operate in a competitive field, so

When you’re relying on a partner to handle all of your IT needs, one thing is crucial above all else: trust. Technology encompasses nearly every aspect of modern business, including the storage and safe-keeping of sensitive client data – you need a reliable, experienced partner to ensure that everything is being properly accounted for. Data

Here is our tip to avoid migraine headaches. Don’t Hire a Computer Guy: Why Outsourcing IT is Smarter and Safer When it comes to your business IT, it’s crucial that you’re getting the best services and support possible. Do you really want to trust one guy with your entire infrastructure? When that’s the case, you

Biometric Authentication Improves your Data Security in Windows Hello With Windows 10 finally available, it’s time to start talking about the most exciting new features for your business. One of the most talked about offerings so far is Windows Hello, a technology that allows Microsoft to integrate biometric authentication into their software. Windows Hello is

Running A Version of Internet Explorer Between IE7 – IE11? You’re at Risk for Malware Infection! If you’re running a supported version of Internet Explorer – from IE7 to IE11, you’re at risk for malware infection through a serious vulnerability, wherein your systems can be infected when you browse to a malware riddled website. Microsoft

Microsoft is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative, convenient tools for businesses. Now, with Microsoft Delve, they’re offering a search tool that’s optimized for the Office 365 environment. Are you ready to experience the benefits? What is Microsoft Delve? Delve combines the unique use of social graphs and advanced analytics to provide

With the launch of Microsoft’s Skype for Business (Lync), new capabilities are finally surfacing. This is big news as these capabilities will soon be available at no extra cost for Office 365 Enterprise or Skype for Business Plan 2 subscribers. After patiently waiting for more features on Skype for Business, Microsoft announced 3 new services:

CTECH Consulting Group is pleased to announce that we’ve been named as a finalist in the best managed services category for CDN’s Channel Elite Awards 2015! The CDN’s Channel Elite Awards recognize IT service providers for their innovation, leadership, and dedication to delivering true value to their clients – and that’s exactly what our team does. We

When it comes to IT, we know what you’re looking for – you need services that are innovative, secure, and cost-effective. We provide IT services and support designed to improve your operations and ensure that you never have to give your technology a second thought; CTECH Consulting Group takes care of all your IT needs, so you’re