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Can You Trust Your IT Support Provider with Your Calgary Business’ Oil and Gas Economics Software?

The Oil and Gas industry is the lifeblood of many businesses here in Calgary, which isn’t something that most IT support companies understand. Businesses like yours that use Oil and Gas economics software operate in a competitive field, so every minute of company time is important.

Oil and Gas Economics Software


As a Calgary-based business, CTECH understands the needs of those working in the Oil and Gas industry, and we can help your business’ IT software meet those needs. Our Oil and Gas economics software support in Calgary provides many benefits, including:

  • Security.

Comprehensive security services, including up to date anti-virus and firewall protection help to keep your network and systems secure against any threat. Whether it’s malware, viruses, or any other form of digital threat, we can ensure the safety of the valuable information dealt with in your Oil and Gas economics software.

  • Convenience. 

We can configure your system to provide you with far greater access to your information and applications. By employing Cloud computing we can give you and your staff members access to critical data and applications through mobile devices and workstations that aren’t limited to the office. This means that, whether at the office or working in the field, you and your employees can continue working without having to return to a company workstation.

  • Reliability.

To make sure that the sensitive information used your Oil and Gas economics software is never at risk, we will regularly backup all your data on a regular basis. If your local system in Calgary should ever be compromised by an emergency, or even just a human error, an easily accessed copy is available to replace it. Furthermore, proactive monitoring and maintenance around the clock ensures a quick response to any issue. Our team of IT professionals will be ready to address any problem so as to minimize any costly downtime to your business’ operation.

  • Cost Effectiveness.

Through monitoring and maintaining the IT systems that run your Oil and Gas economics software, we minimize downtime, expensive repair and replacement costs for faulty equipment, and all under one monthly rate. Not only does our service save you money, but it comes in an easily budgeted and simple rate.

Oil and Gas IT Services and Support by CTECH Consulting Group

Don’t settle for generic IT support that fails to understand your needs for Oil and Gas economics software support in Calgary! For more information about what CTECH can do for your business, get in touch with us today at (403) 457--1478 or

Published on 25th August 2015 by Carl Fransen.

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