Considering Outsourced/Remote IT Support? (Questions/Answers)

Technology and business are evolving hand-in-hand. As technology continues to develop, more and more ways to do business are arriving on scene. This is changing the ways businesses are organized and managed.

Technology and business are evolving hand-in-hand. As technology continues to develop, more and more ways to do business are arriving on scene. This is changing the ways businesses are organized and managed. Specifically, virtualization is making remote outsourcing a viable and strategic option for many modern entrepreneurs and professionals. When it comes to IT support and management, many companies are abandoning the idea of an internal solution and choosing to outsource to a trusted professional from anywhere in the world.

Why Remote IT Support Is the Leading Choice for Modern Professionals

How technology is making it possible to have an expert in your corner 24/7

We recently heard from a local company that needed IT support for their team. The twist? One office was here in Calgary, while the other was located internationally – Dubai to be exact. They were hoping our team could provide infrastructure management and support for them locally and remotely. Luckily, we were up to the task. However, the request got us thinking.

We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go over the benefits of a remotely managed IT service arrangement. Many professionals still have doubts about providers who claim they can provide anytime, anywhere support. However, with the right approach to Cloud technology, managed IT providers can offer the ultimate vCIO experience – even for clients who are oceans away.

Common Sense Move: Why Remote Support is Replacing Internal Departments

IT plays a fundamental role in the operations of every modern organization. It allows professionals to deliver high-quality services efficiently and effectively. As technology continues to evolve, customer expectations are rising and companies truly rely on a solid and secure IT infrastructure to support their continuity.

For many SMBs, sourcing and funding a full-time, internal IT department simply isn’t a financial or logistical reality. However, forgoing any IT support at all isn’t an option either. So, more than ever, professionals are looking to remote IT solutions in hopes of getting a full-service experience without the hefty capital expense.

Simply put, remote IT support gives your IT provider the ability to access, monitor and manage your company network and machines from an external source. This means that your IT provider can resolve problems and offer support from anywhere. It’s not just troubleshooting either, picture this: virtual malware scans, software updates, virus protection, monitoring, installations – everything can be done remotely.

But, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. What are the true benefits of partnering with a remote managed IT provider? Check out the top reasons why businesses like yours would benefit from a remote IT support team.

Responsiveness & Reliability

Remote IT support and service is easy to set up and doesn’t require long or tedious on-boarding processes. This saves time and money at the offset. Additionally, the response-time from remote providers is much faster. You don’t have to wait for a technician to respond and visit your office and support agents are always a call or email away.

Even better? As long as your network is running and your computer is on, your IT provider is on call. This includes maintenance and troubleshooting anytime, anywhere – even outside business hours. 24/7 support is what remote solutions are made of.

Maintenance & Efficiency

The right managed IT provider will always be on the lookout for potential weak spots or problems in your network. This means consistently performing maintenance to ensure your systems are running at optimal capacity. With continual maintenance and monitoring, problems in your network will be fixed before they’ve even had a chance to negatively impact your operations.

Furthermore, this consistent eye on your network will allow your provider to identify areas for improvement so that your network is running as efficiently as possible. Does your team often get held back with IT issues when trying to handle business tasks? Do certain programs or machines run slow and interrupt the workflow of the day? A remote IT support team will help oil all the squeaky wheels in your IT infrastructure so your team is more productive and be working at maximum efficiency.

Cost Reduction & Return on Investment (ROI)

Perhaps the most obvious and beneficial advantage of working with a remote IT support team is the impact on your bottom line. Staffing an internal IT department is a huge investment. Furthermore, providers that are required to come to your office can be pricy as well. With everything controlled remotely, operational costs are reduced and you pay less upfront to keep your technology functioning optimally.

Even better? You don’t have to sacrifice service for the price. Even though you’re paying less for IT support and management, you’re still getting a full-service experience. In fact, you’re probably getting a more consistent and reliable experience in the long run. You pay a reduced cost for a remote team to ensure your systems are running smoothly and that your team can work efficiently. With such low expense and valuable service, the potential for ROI is massive.

Strategy & Proactivity

Finally, since your remote provider will have a consistent eye on your network, they’ll be able to help you make proactive and strategic decisions about your company’s tech development and scalability. You have your own business development to worry about and a remote IT provider can handle your strategic IT planning – behind the scenes and from anywhere.

This means your team will have consistent and default access to IT expertise and experience. Your remote team of IT professionals will have their finger on the pulse of threats and trends and will be working continually to protect and propel your business. You won’t have to worry about IT anymore, because your remote team will always be a step ahead of your questions.

Going Remote: Saving Money, Streamlining Support & Committing to Consistency

Simply put, partnering with a remote provider for outsourced IT support is a no-brainer for the modern business. Taking advantage of virtualization is a fool-proof way to improve your bottom line, streamline your support experience and prioritize your IT network. In a fast-paced and increasingly virtual market, outsourced and remote support just makes sense.

If your organization is considering remote IT support, start making moves toward the transition. The right provider will be able to help you anywhere in the world – in the same town, across the country or across the globe. Take your time and reach out to providers to understand how their remote service experience could change the game for your company.

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