Why CTECH Consulting Group Is Your Next IT Consulting Firm in Calgary

Who We Are and What We Do as An IT Consulting Firm in Calgary We understand that you’re an expert in your field. And, so are we. As an IT consulting firm in Calgary, our outsourced CIO services are designed to give you the guidance and advice necessary to make the most of your information […]

Who We Are and What We Do as An IT Consulting Firm in Calgary

We understand that you’re an expert in your field. And, so are we. As an IT consulting firm in Calgary, our outsourced CIO services are designed to give you the guidance and advice necessary to make the most of your information technology. If you hired an internal CIO, they’d start by getting to know your business; and we do the same.

As your outsourced IT department, we serve as a trusted CIO and advisor, and the first step is getting to know you and your business, understanding your goals, and analyzing your current IT-network systems.

How do we do this?

That’s simple! We:

  • Talk with you and your staff about your current and future goals and objectives as a business.
  • Determine what you use IT for, what you’d like to achieve through your IT, and what we can do to improve your use of IT.
  • Work with you to develop a strategic IT plan that helps you achieve the benefits you envision, while staying within your budget.
  • Best of all, we don’t walk away after the implementation stage – we stick with you and make sure your IT goals are being met.

And, if something isn’t working right, we’ll be there to rework the plan. And as your needs change, we ensure your IT strategy keeps up with you. We act as your entire IT department – offering IT consulting to help you make well-informed business choices.

Who We Are: A Calgary IT Consultant and More

We are a family first, a diverse team of talents, and we always support each other as much as we support our clientele.

Within the past 12 months, we have won awards, including: Ingram Micro Fastest Cloud Growth Partner and Cloud Canadian Partner of the Year of 2017, the 2016 Consumer Choice Award – Computer Consultants, VARCoach 50 Best Managed IT Companies, Best Cloud Solution in Canada, Best Managed Services Company in Canada, and more.

We have the benefit of living in the cloud and our main advantage is that we can adopt cloud solutions easier than other IT firms.  And this is what we are doing, we are evolving our solution stack to take advantage of the current cloud technology to add onto our existing solution stack – denoting it with a term that we call MSP 3.0.

Why We Do What We Do

It has been quite clear that the on-premise server market is dying. As the speed of the Internet increases, we will see more businesses applications for the cloud. With more business in the cloud, the cost is going to go down. With how much more the cloud can offer compared to an on-premise solution, the on-premise solutions won’t be able to compete.

But, what really motivates us is the ability to effect positive change in a vital and rapid-growth industry like IT services.

What We Do as a Calgary IT Consulting Firm

We are looking beyond the limitations of what an on-premise server can offer (file, print, applications, remote access, databases), focusing more on the Cloud to start creating solutions for the Modern Workplace.

We will be bringing together hundreds of external services and creating more business automation for Calgary companies. We are going to take their databases and run them through Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence servers.

And, as an IT consulting firm in Calgary we are going to automate the workforces of our clients by creating new PowerApps with BYOD. These apps will tie into those databases, execute those workflows, and provide that real-time information gathering and presentation. We are going to light up Cortana servers for analytics with PowerBi reporting. We are not coders, but take a look, they are all built for us.

How We Became a Leading IT Consulting Firm in Calgary, AB 

One of the big ways is by being a select Microsoft Partner.

As one of 13 IT firms in Western Canada who was selected as a Microsoft Partner, Microsoft will now: (1) Build With (2) Go to Market with and (3) Sell With us in their Partner channel.

Microsoft will also be assisting us in all aspects of creating a new solution, marketing it, and then selling it to buyers. All we have to do is come up with the idea.

Microsoft has put us first and their staff is commissioned on the profit of the net sales that run through us.

We have a dedicated Account Manager: Andrew Tawaststjerna antaw@microsoft.com. He will direct and guide us through all the Microsoft departments and get us the resources we need to deliver the Microsoft solutions Calgary businesses require.

Our previous rep Brian Miller has been tasked with finding new opportunities and selected partners (like us) that are able to deliver the Microsoft support solutions we can.

The Microsoft training centers are now open for us. Anything regarding IoT, Business Intelligence (BI), AI, etc., is all there for us to learn, absorb, and pass on to our clients.

Ingram Micro has stepped up and is offering their marketing and cloud divisions for assistance in our bid to be the finest IT consulting firm in Calgary.

End Your Search for Calgary IT Consulting Firms

Did you know the average business spends around 70% of their IT budget on hardware, software and external services? There’s nothing worse than investing your valuable time and money into information systems that don’t fit you.

In fact, when you’re investing in information systems, including hardware, software, and other services, you may be looking at countless hours of time, and hundreds, even thousands of dollars spent finding the right systems for your business.

Unless you have the right IT consultant guiding you, that is.

Get a Top Microsoft Partner and Calgary IT Consultant Now

CTECH Consulting Group helps those who need to meet more demanding standards in technology management with IT services Calgary companies can rely on.

Contact us today to get the best IT consultants for your Calgary business at (403) 457-1478 or email us at info@ctechgroup.net for more information and/or to schedule a quick and easy consultation with an IT consulting firm in Calgary you really can trust for consistently above-board service.