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Hansen Labelle Adjusters Ltd. is an independent adjusting firm based out of Calgary, AB. Their highly experienced team specializes in serving a wide range of clients – from property and casualty insurers to self-insured transportation companies. When they needed an expert team of IT professionals to setup a new server and provide managed services to reduce costs, CTECH was the obvious choice.

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Shannon Bottorff at Hansen Labelle Adjusters Ltd. explained their need for an IT services company, “We’re an independent adjusting firm. We handle insurance claims. Our daily business is conducted largely through computers so it’s important for us to be online and running efficiently.”

She continued on the importance of technology within their firm, “Communication is very often done through email, and we use the Internet to research contractors, maps, directions, phone numbers, news articles, and more.”

Fortunately, CTECH’s team of IT experts knows how to help their independent adjusting firm stay connected and feel confident knowing their data is safe!

During their search for an IT services company about 5-6 years ago when they didn’t have a common drive on their computers, Hansen Labelle Adjusters Ltd. found CTECH and hired them for their expertise.

CTECH came in and got right to work: replacing a Unix file/print server with a Windows 2012 server and providing managed services to reduce costs and help them simplify budgeting.

Shannon explained, “CTECH has now set us up on a server, which has enabled us to feel confident in the security of our files. CTECH monitors our server, does regular checks with our office, and maintains our IT equipment for a flat rate monthly fee. We’re pleased with the investment!”

Experienced, efficient, and easy to reach for support – CTECH provides the fantastic IT services and support an independent adjusting firm needs!

Shannon believes CTECH’s team are experts in their field. She explained, “Their staff tends to be friendly and knowledgeable – they’re usually able to resolve our issues quickly and efficiently. They’re experts in their field! I’d recommend CTECH. If I was referring someone, I’d tell them that CTECH is experienced, efficient, and easy to reach for support.”

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Published on 22nd May 2015 by Carl Fransen.

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