A luxury resort found itself in dire straits recently after they let their previous IT firm go. The firm’s imposing taxing demands and limitations on the staff, as well as delaying the resolution of support requests for weeks and imposing directions on the resort’s clients were just a few reasons for the layoff.

CTECH Consulting Group was referred to the resort by an employee that previously worked at another company where CTECH Consulting Group’s professional IT support team did some work. When we were contacted regarding the situation, we spoke with the stakeholders to gather a better understanding of their issues and propose a strategy for designing a network that would work for the resort.

During the initial assessment phase, CTECH Consulting Group was shocked at what they found. All the software was illegal, and the version was over 10 years old. Not only that, users were not able to change passwords, and email was hosted on an old-fashioned POP service.

The existing network system had no documentation or users’ manuals, and the outgoing IT firm was uncooperative, to say the least. Even though the resort was operational 24 hours a day, CTECH Consulting Group managed to migrate all the PCs to the server, setup automatic updates and patching. Our Calgary IT support professionals then installed the latest Microsoft Exchange server and allowed the users to share calendars, contacts and tasks — and sync to their cell phones.

CTECH Consulting Group works on a 3-tier foundation that incorporates the ways to Build IT, Support IT and Grow IT. Under the Grow IT leg of the foundation, CTECH Consulting Group incorporated the same top IT security services that other Calgary businesses have come to rely on. After the implementation of multiple layers of access, the luxury resort now has increased security to offer enhanced remote access to specific individuals. The system is now monitored 24 hours a day and fully documented. All software is legal and up to date.

If you find that you have technology issues, CTECH Consulting Group can do the very same for your business and even more. Why not contact us to take that first step towards learning how we can partner with you in building your successful enterprise.