Computer support services go by many names and offer many different types of services, but in Calgary, CTECH Consulting Group computer support is the IT service of choice for many. With the rampant threats to data centre security roaming out there these days, it pays to have a reputable IT support specialist in your corner. Many SMBs rely on the computer support services of CTECH Consulting Group, due to their responsive and accessible operations style. Using the latest in cutting-edge information technology and IT protection solutions designed for email security, network security, and business continuity, CTECH Consulting Group continues to be an innovator among Calgary computer support experts. But, as Carl Fransen, CEO of CTECH Consulting Group says, “We’re much more than a group of technicians who spend their days tinkering around with the latest gadgets.”

Computer Support Calgary

Protecting Your IT

Achieving just the right balance in data center security for business networks, Calgary computer support specialists like CTECH Consulting Group are always A/B testing their IT security and networking solutions. Constant analysis and monitoring of key areas of client data centers means there are no surprises when disaster strikes. They make sure their customers sleep well at the end of every day and awake to each new business day assured that their IT support specialists have every base covered. If you are a CIO for a small to medium-sized business in Calgary, you know that you can’t be too careful nowadays when it comes to data centre security, cybersecurity, and backup solutions that prevent disaster.

Improving Your IT

Where improving customer IT operations is concerned, CTECH Consulting Group is one IT company that doesn’t believe in oiling a lot of squeaky wheels. They believe in putting racing wheels on from the get-go, with high-end rubber that meets the road. This translates to fewer call-outs and check-ups and more getting on with business as usual. CTECH Consulting Group creates long-term strategies based on contingency plans for business continuity, which are tested long before customers implement their data security plans. For CTECH Consulting Group’s squad of highly-trained experts, IT improvement means:

  • Outstanding IT Leadership
  • Comprehensive Technology Management
  • One-on-One IT Consulting
  • Streamlining Your Existing Network Operations
  • Proactive Solutions Tailored to Your Network Growth

Mobile IT Solutions

If you are concerned about a growing family of networked mobile devices, CTECH Consulting Group’s up-to-date arsenal of mobile IT solutions include:

  • All-Device Accessible Cloud Computing
  • Disaster-Proof Cloud Backup for Mobile Devices
  • Separation of Work from Personal Data Centres (MDM)
  • Remote Data Wiping to Limit Exploitation Due to Theft
  • Fast and Easy Update of Regular Landlines to VoIP System — Smartphone-Enabled
  • Extending Your Office Productivity to Off-Site Locations

Better IT Support

In a day and age of overall lackluster customer support, CTECH Consulting Group’s philosophy bucks the trend by offering 24/7 IT support that’s responsive, fast, and friendly. CTECH Consulting Group computer support of Calgary understands that disaster likes to strike in the worst hours, i.e. the middle of the night. Having the knowledge that when and if something ever befalls your IT network, CTECH Consulting Group is there to remedy it, whether it is a fire, flood, power outage, or data theft. Ransomware and other malware is also quickly neutralized with tools that isolate and disallow such predatory opportunism with better countermeasures that outwit hackers. Our trained IT support specialists can quickly and ably diagnose any data network issue you may be having, and implement remedies accordingly.

Contact the Computer Support Pros

Whatever your IT network issue may be, CTECH Consulting Group has answers that will probably obviate the problem before it even arrives. But, when you need IT support and solutions fast, CTECH Consulting Group is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news. Contact us at (403) 457-1478 or send us an email at for more information.