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Does your Calgary IT company leave you in the dark when it comes to business IT security? Do they show you how to use applications and online tools but neglect to talk to you about how you’re being protected? Your IT team needs to be responsible for implementing the proper procedures to keep you safe, but you also need to know how they’re doing it so that you and your employees don’t misstep. Education and understanding is a huge part of being protected, and with so many threats looming today. it’s more important than ever that your business stays safe.

Get Set Up With the Basics

  • Today, the smallest decision could lead to a major issue – a single e-mail can do a great deal of damage to your network. Working online provides countless benefits such as speed, collaboration, and so on, but we need to be protected when we’re working on the web. CTECH gives you comprehensive protection to ensure your business is safe from spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks.
  • Password protection may seem inconsequential given the amount of threats we face today, but it remains an integral part of staying safe. We make sure all of your accounts are protected with proper passwords and that your systems are always performing at their absolute best so you’re never left at risk.

Security to Give You Peace of Mind

  • The way we do business is constantly changing, and today protecting your PCs isn’t enough. Mobile device management is required to ensure that your laptops, smartphones, and tablets are safe to access business information.
  • Every day we read in the news that companies are crippled due to hackers, breaches or natural disasters, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. CTECH gets you set up with disaster recovery and business continuity plans to protect your future.
  • All of your important files, applications, and data will be backed up and encrypted so they’re secure but easily accessible to you whenever you need them.
  • You can finally have peace of mind knowing that your system and safe. Working without security threats looming will allow you to put forth your best work possible.

If your Calgary IT company isn’t talking to you about business IT security and doing all they can to keep your business safe, it’s time to contact CTECH Consulting Group.

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Published on 26th February 2015 by Carl Fransen.

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