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Today’s technology scene is scary. Malware, Adware, Spyware, Viruses, and did you say DATA BREACHES, oh my!

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With the recent developments in advanced malware that is impossible to remove, security experts around the world are scrambling to beef up security for their clients. It’s not just major corporations in cities like New York that have to worry about these advanced threats – cybercriminals are looking for ANY business to target, and it’s only a matter of time before they turn their eyes to your Calgary business.

It’s imperative to secure your systems today.

Don’t be left in the dark. The expense of a severe data breach can have crippling effects on not only your account balance but your reputation as well. Does your IT Company have what it takes to secure you in this new world of advanced threats?

Security focused CTECH Consulting Group is not just another IT Company. We always put security first, and never leave our clients vulnerable. Having functional IT systems is important for maintaining regular business operations, and that means securing those systems is mission-critical.

If you current IT Company is not focused on your system’s security they are putting your company’s assets and reputation on the line.

Ask your IT Company these questions to make sure they are focused on your system’s security:

  • Are my systems updated immediately after patches are released?
  • Do you have trained security experts on your staff?
  • Do your experts have security credentials such as GIAC, CEH, CISSP, or CISM certificates?
  • What was your response time on the last known security breach?
  • Why was your client vulnerable?

We have answers to your questions. Our trained security experts proactively manage your systems to make sure you don’t have to worry about response time. All of our systems go through extensive security protocol and testing prior to going live, but it doesn’t stop there. We stay on top of breaking security concerns and vulnerabilities to ensure our systems stay one step ahead of hackers and other threats to your network.

Don’t become a victim of a major data breach – shore up your defences and rest easy knowing you’re protected by a Calgary IT company that focuses on security first. Call CTECH Consulting Group at (403) 457--1478 or email to learn how we can manage and secure YOUR systems.

Published on 10th March 2015 by Carl Fransen.

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