Month: November 2017

With the decline in oil prices, businesses like yours in Calgary are looking to cut costs. One way to do this is by outsourcing your IT services and support—And CTECH Consulting Group provides the best technology services you can find in Calgary. We ensure your business IT functions efficiently, reliably, securely and in a cost-effective

If you’re using a Mac and running the latest version of its operating system, you’re going to want to pay attention. It seems that Apple had a bug in their new operating system which allowed anyone that had physical access to a Mac admin access. Giving them full access to anything and everything on that

Learn how Office 365 and the use of Skype & Excel, has helped Trevor grow Premier Water Removal. The tools available in Office 365 allow you the versatility to manage your business safely and easily.

Calgary private school connected with a local Calgary IT support firm for what it thought was the right solution, only to discover that the solution lacked a robust backup strategy, and the server was overkill for the school’s small network.

When decision makers at a Calgary private school with a dozen computer users needed a second opinion on the school’s brand new IT system, they turned to trusted Calgary IT support firm, CTECH Consulting Group to put them back on track.

Are you specialized? CTECH Consulting Group is. As a trusted Calgary IT service firm with several years of experience serving the small business market, we have elected to specialize in three core areas of business. Working with the Calgary hotel industry is a main focus area for CTECH Consulting Group and the quality IT solutions we provide.

The hotel industry is Calgary is one of the best in the country. Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Calgary each year to experience our city, The Calgary Stampede, the majestic Canadian Rockies and to work in one of Canada top business markets. Calgary is a hub of commerce in Canada.

A luxury resort found itself in dire straits recently after they let their previous IT firm go. The firm’s imposing taxing demands and limitations on the staff, as well as delaying the resolution of support requests for weeks and imposing directions on the resort’s clients were just a few reasons for the layoff.

CTECH Consulting Group was referred to the resort by an employee that previously worked at another company where CTECH Consulting Group’s professional IT support team did some work. When we were contacted regarding the situation, we spoke with the stakeholders to gather a better understanding of their issues and propose a strategy for designing a network that would work for the resort.

A warning to businesses to be on the lookout for the latest ransomware threat, “Scarab” which is making headlines in the UK and around the globe. This variant of the ransomware virus has become part of a large-scale email-based campaign that manages to slip past the defenses of some unsuspecting companies. Scarab, is distributed through

Understanding How Everyday Companies are Getting the Short End of the Cybersecurity Stick Debates over inequality are a hot topic of debate in America these days. While the technology industry isn’t usually included in these debates, there are some key inequality issues surrounding cybersecurity that are leaving many everyday business owners struggling to maintain a

Modern commerce has seen many businesses migrate to the Cloud. Having a centralized place where business data is secure and more easily accessible makes the lives of busy professionals easier. Not to mention the business-focused scalability and growth potential that Cloud-computing platforms offer. Microsoft’s Office 365 has long dominated as the favorite Cloud-platform for business.

Learn to harness the power of Microsoft Outlook for your Calgary business! CTECH is the leading expert in Calgary IT Services, and top choice for Microsoft Office 365 migration.