Are you specialized? CTECH Consulting Group is. As a trusted Calgary IT service firm with several years of experience serving the small business market, we have elected to specialize in three core areas of business. Working with the Calgary hotel industry is a main focus area for CTECH Consulting Group and the quality IT solutions we provide.

The hotel industry is Calgary is one of the best in the country. Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Calgary each year to experience our city, The Calgary Stampede, the majestic Canadian Rockies and to work in one of Canada top business markets. Calgary is a hub of commerce in Canada.

CTECH Consulting Group knows what it takes to become successful in the Calgary market. Having quality staff, a fantastic product, excellence in client service and reliable and functional IT systems are cornerstones in creating an exceptional experience throughout your business.

The Calgary hotel industry understands the importance of creating an exceptional experience. This is why CTECH Consulting Group has elected to work with the Calgary hotel, food and beverage industry as one of their core industry focus area.

“The idea was born when we started working with the Glenmore Inn 6 years ago”. Says Carl Fransen, President of CTECH Consulting Group. “Hotels rely on IT around-the-clock and one outage can spell disaster. CTECH Consulting Group’s 90 second help desk service combined with our 24 hour a day monitor is the perfect solution for all Calgary area hotels”.

As a member of the Calgary Hotel Association, CTECH Consulting Group will have the opportunity to interact with the 60 member hotels in the Calgary area, learn more about how the Calgary hotel industry works and when called upon provide guidance on how member organization can best leverage IT efficiently.

The Calgary Hotel Association hosts a number of seminars, social and business events throughout the calendar year. The first for CTECH Consulting Group as an associate member will be the upcoming trade show on May 22 and the Delta Bow Valley Calgary downtown.

“We look forward to being an active member of the association” Fransen concluded.

About The Calgary Hotel Association – The Calgary Hotel Association is comprised of 60 member hotel properties located in four primary quadrants across the city: Downtown, South Calgary, Northeast and Northwest. These properties feature a combined total of 10,763 available rooms to meet the needs of a wide range of visitors to Calgary.

The Calgary Hotel Association is a voluntary association that serves its member properties by promoting the common economic, political, community and environmental interests of the membership.

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About CTECH Consulting Group – CTECH Consulting Group is Calgary premiere IT service organization offering a 90 second support guarantee, around the clock monitoring and IT services tailored to fit your business. CTECH Consulting Group specializes in providing IT services for Calgary hotels, small business and oil and gas corprations. Through their BUILD IT, SUPPORT IT, SECURE IT and GROW IT pillars, companies in Calgary can build an IT system they can rely and supported by a team of trusted Calgary IT Specialists.

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