Month: July 2017

Awesome Computer & Technology Sales Position In Calgary Who we are. We are the CTECH Consulting Group, an established next generation IT services firm based in Calgary for over 17 years.  Each year, we have seen amazing growth and are looking for a full-time sales person to sign on more clients.  We live on the

IT consultations aren’t just for the “big guys.” Startups and small businesses can benefit, as well. IT consultations can go far beyond simply providing technology information. The right consultant can help you lay out a roadmap for future upgrades, increase your employees’ productivity, avoid dangerous security pitfalls that could tank your company, provide data storage

For most businesses, technology is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps you run your business and remain competitive. On the other hand, updating hardware and software requires ongoing investments in time and money. Technology is evolving rapidly. Something that’s state-of-the-art today may be woefully obsolete in a year or so. 

Technology is changing the way people shop. Here are the big trends that are here to stay. Retail and technology have a complicated relationship. Technology has an unending list of ideas for retail stores to adopt, but the retail industry is very cautious about investing in anything unless it knows that customers will be onboard.

Office 2016 and Office 365 are very different products with some things in common. Here’s exactly what you get with each. As Microsoft has added more products and expanded its services — plus started to rebrand some of its older services into new packages — it can be difficult for business leaders and professional workers

Guest Access for Microsoft Teams has been reportedly delayed as of June 2017 and there has not yet been anything announced as to when it will be released.   Microsoft Teams Guest Access is being delayed until later this year, despite an intended launch of June 2017. This delay was reportedly announced by a Microsoft representative

Microsoft 365 is the new package Microsoft is offering, and it includes a little of everything: Here’s why it can appeal to more companies, and just what you get. We know you may be tired of yet another Microsoft term to remember: The company likes its names, and figuring out how Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, O365,

CIOs need to take the lead on creating enterprise digital transformations that leverage the power of cloud-first solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is one of the largest things to happen to business enterprises since the launch of Salesforce. With over 85 million users, Office 365 is a global force that is helping

This article talks about predictive analytics in detail. It also discusses how it can be used to help an organization succeed.   In most companies, the sales team is always at war with the marketing department. The sales team claims it is unable to do its work because of ineffective marketing. On the other hand,

This is a short article exploring how auto dealerships can benefit from the use of technology. There are numerous ways for these types of businesses to use technology to expand their reach.   Today, Millenials are amongst the most valuable customers for any business. According to a recent study, Millenials are spending about $2000 billion