Month: July 2017

Here is a detailed description of Office 365 and G suite. The article will discuss their pricing, functionality, and when you should choose either of them.   G Suite and Office 365 are the two main productivity apps for businesses today. G Suite, which was previously known as Google Apps, and Office 365 both have

Predictive analytics offers vast potential for organizations with the complexity, horsepower, and skillset to leverage the thousands of intersecting data points required for analysis — but is it truly a crystal ball for the future?   A few years ago you started hearing about “Big Data” all the time, and while you may not understand

Ransomware is a crippling, vicious attack with devastating consequences for corporations and small business owners alike. What steps should you take if your company is being held hostage by ransomware? Ransomware has become a global threat, attacking some of the world’s largest companies, including Merck, Federal Express and much more. Companies of all sizes are at