Month: May 2017

Legacy systems are a pain – but they can also be dangerous for your business. Here’s why. Let’s be honest: No one really likes legacy systems. Most legacy setups at companies happen because something else goes wrong – there’s a compliance issue, or a rollout is too difficult to do all at once, or ongoing

IT without security is a mess waiting to happen: Don’t make these mistakes! No business should make an IT decision without considering data security. When the two get separated, IT decisions start to develop serious problems. Too many companies have focused on adopting a particular solution without exploring how safe it is…which leads to problems

The team of IT innovators at Calgary’s CTECH Consulting Group is thrilled to announce the launch of their vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) Department. The dynamic and proactive vCIO department is designed to bring a new level of service value to CTECH Consulting Group clients through a more in-depth review of their business and how

Worried about data protection? Here’s how Office 365 deals with it, and what you need to know about backups. Office 365 and its associated services put a whole lot of data into the cloud, and that makes some businesses nervous. After all, what if that data is destroyed or lost – what assurances do you

Adylkuzz can teach us even a more important security lesson than WannaCry – if we pay attention. Adylkuzz is a bit of malware that you probably didn’t hear, but ran amok in May 2017, infecting Windows computers around the globe and using them for its own purposes. No, we’re not talking about another name for

Windows 10 is still evolving: Here’s what you can expect in the coming months. The Creators Update gave Windows 10 a lot of basic improvement and syncing changes, plus some welcome updates to Microsoft Edge and Cortana. It was exciting, and appears to be largely bug-free so far, which is a big win for Microsoft

Office 365 Education has a lot of new integration that your organization should know about. Microsoft has been investing in digital and online education for years. With that much experience – along with Microsoft’s well-known business tools – any education organization looking for a tech upgrade should consider the Microsoft option. One of the most

Call on Award-Winning Cloud and Microsoft Experts CTECH Consulting Group When in doubt about your IT infrastructure’s ability to fend off security threats, you need experts who understand just what it takes to keep the IT networks of companies like yours secure. CTECH Consulting Group are just those kinds of dedicated IT professionals, and provide

Over time, you’ll learn how to master the art of creating the perfect voice to text transcriptions. Voice to text applications helps speed up workplace communications.   Voice dictation can be a huge timesaver. Instead of using your device’s keyboard to awkwardly type out an instant message or email, you can use an application to

WannaCry Ransomware has hit thousands of businesses, government institutions, and private citizens worldwide. It’s been all over the news. And as you have probably heard, it’s only getting worse. WannaCry version #1 was destructive for those affected by the ransomware causing downtime, disruption, lost revenue, and in the case of the National Health Service hospitals