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Calgary IT Support SpecialistThe team of IT innovators at Calgary’s CTECH Consulting Group is thrilled to announce the launch of their vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) Department. The dynamic and proactive vCIO department is designed to bring a new level of service value to CTECH clients through a more in-depth review of their business and how they utilize technology

The CTECH vCIO department is spearheaded by Stephen Lloyd, a 25-year IT industry veteran. Lloyd has always been passionate about doing more than simply installing computers for clients and his role leading the vCIO department allows him to do just that. Through Quarterly Business Reviews, Lloyd works to determine the current state of a client’s environment, discuss service history, identify areas for improvement and develop a thorough understanding of each client’s tech landscape. It is through this in-depth assessment that Lloyd is able to offer informed insight to clients including:

  • Budget recommendations
  • Long-term strategy plans
  • Technology use reviews, and
  • Introductions to new technologies that may benefit the client.

What sets CTECH apart from other vCIO providers is their commitment to driving on-the-go modernization by delivering their vCIO platform using the latest in cloud technology. Furthermore, CTECH is determined to develop an understanding of each client’s business, not just their tech infrastructure. Ultimately, the goal of the vCIO department is to foster a proactive partnership and provide every client with modernized and enterprise-grade IT management.

“Our goal is always to facilitate stability within each client’s current environment and help direct technology decisions towards the goal of improving operational profits,” says Lloyd. “Businesses can really benefit from better use of technology whether it be through reducing operational costs or expanding sales opportunities to bring in new revenue.”

“The CTECH vCIO department strives to drive those benefits for every client,” continues Lloyd. “Every client employs technology differently, but we are committed to providing proactive and flexible support, tailored to suit the needs or expectations of any enterprise.”

Stephen Lloyd is available for an immediate interview about CTECH’s all-encompassing approach to managing IT for business.

About CTECH Consulting Group:

CTECH Consulting Group, Inc. is a managed IT service provider that is committed to supporting, protecting, mobilizing and improving IT systems and strategies for businesses and individuals across Calgary. President & CEO Carl Fransen and the entire CTECH team are dedicated to acting as an outsourced but personalized IT department for their clients. They are passionate about laying a foundation for technological success and are committed to following through with strategies and solutions that are unique to each client’s business needs. Committed to upholding their guiding standards of integrity and honesty, CTECH helps foster prosperity for clients both large and small using proactive guidance and strategic support.
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Published on 25th May 2017 by Carl Fransen.

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