Month: May 2016

The world seems ready to move to electronic medical records; however, not everything about the transition is rosy. Although the debacle of Canada Post and Cancer Care Ontario losing 12,000 cancer patient records is signing the death knell to snail mail and paper administration, many doctors are still wary of the world of EMR as

Trying to systemize a professional services business is different from franchising a less technical operation; however, it is necessary to expand beyond the limiting wall of self-employment into true business ownership. It is possible to expand a personalized services business beyond the capacity of its original partners. Here are some important tips to consider if

Even if you’ve received notices that you can upgrade to Windows 10, you might still have some compatibility issues afterwards. Most developers of current drivers and apps do have compatibility fixes, but it’s only prudent to know about the need for third-party upgrades in advance. You certainly don’t want to start your Windows 10 upgrade

It seems Microsoft is finally giving commerce in Canada its just do with the launch of significant data centres in the country, and it could not have happened at a better time. With the Canadian government set to pass even more sweeping regulations over the data that the private business market shares, giving Canadian business

If you keep up with tech news, chances are you have heard about the discovery of a very large data breach earlier this month. But just how big is it and what should you do about it? I’ve compiled the following facts for your consideration. It’s Not as Bad as it Seems When news first

Recently, yet another cybersecurity threat seemed to materialize and disseminate scores of sensitive information almost overnight. Accounts affected ranged from Google to Yahoo. Initially, experts feared that hundreds of millions of sensitive account numbers and passwords had been compromised. Fortunately, reports of this most-recent cyber invasion appear to have been a bit inflated. As it

Kids are moving from simply playing digital games to making them, and programs like YouthSpark Camps at the Microsoft Store in Chinook Centre, are the catalysts that are driving today’s up-and-coming generation from consumerism into production. As a small- or medium sized business owner, why do you need to know this? If you are looking for

Downtime has the potential to cripple your business, especially if you don’t have a formidable budget in place for IT services. The issue really becomes a problem when it occurs regularly. Frequent downtime does plenty more than negatively impact the bottom line. It also causes widespread frustration that hangs like a dismal black cloud over

If you use Microsoft Office 365 products at work or at home, you should be aware of the software’s extensive vulnerability. The manner in which Microsoft Office 365 manages “federated identities” through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allows online hackers to infiltrate accounts, data, e-mail messages and files within the software’s cloud. Relying on the

Insurance Awareness Day offers an excellent opportunity to evaluate your company’s existing coverage. Make sure you have adequate protection against the financial losses associated with fire, theft and natural disasters. At the same time, don’t overlook less traditional threats like computer hacking. No business can completely secure itself against malicious Internet activity. As one network