Your Office Is Where You Are

Current technology allows anyone to collaborate anywhere. If you work in an office environment, here is a comprehensive CTECH guide.

Your Office Is Where You Are

We’re currently experiencing a flexible workspace revolution. The current technology allows anyone to collaborate with whomever they please from any office. The ability to work from your preferred location, also known as remote work, was full-on even before the COVID-19 situation, which forced almost every business to work from home. Currently, more workers than ever serve from remote locations within Calgary and beyond. The workforce comprises freelance, remote, or outsourced workers who work from their homes’ comfort or any other preferred location away from their office premises. This work structure offers immediate and long-term benefits to your employees, senior executives, and the company.

If you’re still confined to working in an office environment or relying on a VPN for remote access, this comprehensive CTECH guide is for you.

The Freedom to Work From Anywhere

Businesses now leverage vast tools to ensure staff can still be productive regardless of where they’re situated, and you shouldn’t be left behind. The relevant software and devices allow you to access information from any location provided there’s an internet connection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting a friend and need to check some details using their computer or you’re in a hotel room with your laptop. You can securely access your preferred platforms from anywhere, even without preconfiguring the device.

Let’s explore the different aspects of remote work so you can understand the approach’s capabilities and how everything works.

You Can Use Any Device

You have the freedom to use any means of communication. This is known as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) lifestyle. Company data will never leave the premises, and you only need to connect to the internet, even if it’s not your work laptop. Once you’re securely logged in via the most convenient device to you, you’ll access the latest information since the date is automatically synced across devices in real-time.

Communication Flexibility

Remote tools let you communicate with anybody through your preferred combination of communication approaches. For instance, you may send messages back and forth using the computer keyboard or activate the device’s built-in microphone for voice capabilities. You can also enjoy a face-to-face conversation via video calls and invite other staff to join the call.

Advanced Collaboration

Vast applications and tools allow for seamless collaboration among staff through their preferred methods. For instance, you may share your screen as you present to attendees and work simultaneously on a specific Office document. You may also come up with dynamic knowledge groups focused on increasing innovation and generating great ideas.

A businessman sitting by the pool using a lounge chair as his office.

How Does Your Business Office Benefit From Remote Working?

For staff members themselves, the benefits of remote workplaces are immediately apparent. For instance, they avoid commuting every day to work and begin operating on a schedule that suits them. On the other hand, employers enjoy relatively less obvious benefits from the digital approach, but the effect is felt in the long run.

Lowered Business Expenses

A remote-enabled operation structure lets your company avoid the expenses associated with onsite operations. These include office space rent, travel reimbursement, and the purchase of equipment. According to Global Workspace Analytics, you stand to save up to $11,000 annually for every employee who cuts their commuting by 50%. This could be substantial savings without any changes to your company structure.

Access to a Vast Talent Pool

The current generation can communicate effectively and cheaply from any location, so they expect the same privilege when it comes to their workplace environment. Numerous studies have shown that millennial talents expect workplace flexibility. Thus, offering them the benefit can help you access a highly skilled talent pool. The freedom to hire beyond the normal commuting distance means you’ll never suffer from skills shortages regardless of where you’re based. You’ll also and achieve a more diverse workplace.

Staff Retention

For small businesses, losing team members that make you tick can be a huge blow. There’s no level playing field for salaries and benefits, so it would help if you optimize the available advantages of remote work to compete with established entities. According to a Gallup report, 35% of staff would change employers when presented with the opportunity to work remotely full-time. Large entities can retain staff even with outdated workplace practices. For a small business with an entrepreneurial and agility spirit, it’s best to provide freedom.

A More Grateful Team

Besides being less stressed, workers are even more grateful when working remotely. They’ll likely appreciate the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, work flexibly, and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. The result? Your staff will feel more inclined to deliver their best and will never be reluctant to offer some favors.

Social Benefits

The general impression of remote working is that the approach is unsocial. But contrary to this belief, it’s the best system that allows employees from different continents to connect. Staff can make virtual connections and handle common tasks collaboratively. With an international team, staff from different backgrounds and cultures share insights that can be implemented across the board and learn from each other. The virtual space might be a place of work, but teams can still foster friendships here. This increases job satisfaction and boosts productivity.

CTECH Consulting Group Leading by Example

CTECH has been relying on remote work for years. Our professionals work anywhere in the world on vast applications while collaborating with their colleagues anytime they wish to. We no longer suffer unnecessary costs and overheads of brick-and-mortar setups. Why pay for something you don’t need?

This is part of our daily life, and we’re ready to guide you to achieve the same efficiency and convenience as well. CTECH can help you optimize your remote workspace through advanced tools and strategies. With years of experience assisting Calgary businesses, our staff understands the challenges of migrating to a remote landscape and will guide you to get the most out of this approach.

Reach out to us for support or schedule a free consultation with us today.