The Collaboration Matchup: Yammer vs. Microsoft Teams

Canadian businesses and organizations are operating in progressively complex environments that need frequent collaboration to communicate complex information.

The Collaboration Matchup: Yammer vs. Microsoft Teams

Canadian businesses and organizations are operating in progressively complex environments that need frequent collaboration to communicate complex information. As a result, there is an increasing number of communication solutions available to fulfill the collaboration needs of businesses and organizations. Microsoft offers over six collaboration tools that can be used for various interactions within the business and among its external partners.

Initially, it may appear pointless to have multiple communication platforms, but each platform can serve its own unique purpose. Some communication platforms will enable users to collaborate privately or with a group. Many businesses and organizations are finding platforms like Yammer and Microsoft Teams to be effective at helping them in their quest to become a more effective and efficient workplace.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is another product of Yammer that mirrors a social networking tool. Yammer is a private platform that only allows members of a company to communicate. Yammer was launched officially in 2008 by a PayPal executive and was purchased by Microsoft in 2012. Yammer was created to help companies complete work from any location while increasing productivity and saving time. Large enterprises will generally require groups to share ideas. The groups created in Yammer have proven to be an advantageous method for all Microsoft 365 users.

Typically, the groups will be spread across the globe, but will still come together and participate in discussions. Employees will have the ability to keep track of the progress that is being made by other group members, in addition to staying on track with the latest workplace news. Yammer also opens the door to unprompted conversations with people who may not have a personal connection with anyone in the group. This type of connection will allow group members to leverage the experience of others who are also using the platform.

Some key features of Yammer include the following:

  • Activity stream API
  • The Yammer inbox
  • Groups
  • Polls
  • Document editor
  • Task tracking
  • Embeddable feeds

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application that helps teams remain organized and have conversations in a unified platform. Under the Microsoft Teams platform, users will be also able to edit documents and access other applications and services. Microsoft Teams is mainly used for collaboration between groups and individuals. Microsoft Teams was launched in 2017, but Teams saw its greatest rise during the COVID-19 pandemic as more businesses and organizations transitioned to remote work.

Some key features of Microsoft Teams include the following:

  • Video calling
  • Audio conferencing
  • Chat functions
  • Online meetings
  • Document storage in SharePoint
  • Task tracker
  • Easy scheduler
  • Screen sharing

Yammer vs. Microsoft Teams: How are they similar?

Companies of all sizes will require a specific toolset to help them achieve a high level of success. Companies will spend a significant amount of time discussing how different Microsoft Teams and Yammer are, but there are many similarities between the two. While Microsoft Teams and Yammer will appease different users, both platforms do share features and benefits.

Here is a list of the features that are shared by Microsoft Teams and Yammer:

  • Both can be used by businesses of all sizes
  • Teams and Yammer can be integrated with Microsoft 365
  • Yammer and Teams have multi-platform support, including iOS and Android
  • Microsoft Teams and Yammer are mainly used for internal communications
  • Information sharing is easy on both platforms
  • Information can be easily accessed by new members
  • Both platforms group conversations in serial order

Yammer vs. Microsoft Teams: How are they different?

While Yammer and Microsoft Teams are both used for communication and collaboration, they differ in the ways they are used. Yammer is generally chosen as the outer loop communication and Teams is chosen as the inner loop communication. Some differences between Yammer and Microsoft Teams include the following:

  • Yammer supports freelancers
  • Yammer can adapt to multiple speeds, but Microsoft Teams is mainly used for fast communication
  • Smaller groups generally use Microsoft Teams, but Yammer is mainly used by larger groups within a workplace
  • The conversation tone in Microsoft Teams is often casual, while the conversation tone in Yammer can vary greatly

Yammer vs. Microsoft Teams: Which is right for you?

Typically, when businesses and organizations think of a collaboration tool within Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams will generally be the default platform. However, this does not make Yammer unnecessary. Yammer has proven to be a great platform for standardizing businesses and organizations by involving every employee. Yammer makes it easy for everyone to stay informed about the workplace, including the progress that is being made and any upcoming events. Yammer also helps businesses and organizations make more informed decisions because everyone will have the opportunity to share their ideas.

Many leaders will agree that the choice between Microsoft Teams and Yammer is not easy. There will be features within both platforms that will appeal to some users more than others. Some users will appreciate the idea of having their own workplace social network environment, but others may not want to be a part of a social environment and will prefer smaller groups or no groups at all.

Regardless of the decision that is made within a business or organization, communication and/or collaboration tool will be needed. To achieve the level of success your business or organization wants, you need to have communication, and you cannot have collaboration without communication. You can ensure your business or organization moves in the right direction by choosing the communication platform that fulfills your needs.

Both platforms will allow you to connect to the people in the workplace, but this is achieved in different ways. Microsoft Teams is intended for intimate team environments, and Yammer gives companies the ability to include everyone in the conversation. Thankfully, most groups will not have to face the Yammer vs. Microsoft Teams comparison because both platforms are included in different Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

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