World-Class IT Support From CTECH

CTECH will provide your staff and business with world-class IT support. Here are some IT support services we offer to businesses.

World-Class IT Support From CTECH

For over 20 years CTECH has worked to maintain and support excellence for business. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the top-of-the-line systems to give businesses the support they need.  Often, we hear from businesses who experience common yet fixable IT issues. Dealing with issues such as slow systems or constantly needing to upgrade IT to meet business demands can really impact productivity.

We have the team, skills, and experience to be the support your business needs to strengthen your IT infrastructure and continue to grow your business. With that said, we’re going to share some IT support services we offer businesses to enable productivity, efficiency, and business growth.

Automated and Responsive Support From CTECH

Without a system in place, it can be difficult for businesses to respond to everyone. But every moment a business is not working is critical. Businesses need to be able to respond to other team members when an IT issue occurs to ensure the business can continue to operate smoothly.

CTECH has designed a completely automated support system that ensures everyone gets the help they need. The service desk manager sees everything through real-time dashboards to make sure every request is answered.

The dedicated tech is immediately notified where they will contact you so that you don’t have to wait to resolve IT problems. You receive confirmation as the tech updates the issue, allowing you to stay abreast with everything going on at all times.

Full IT Tech Team

A business is only as great as the support it has around them. This is especially true when it comes to keeping your IT infrastructure intact. Most businesses don’t have the knowledge to deal with their IT issues. Or, they’ll have an in-house team that is limited on what they can do.

With CTECH, you will know your dedicated IT tech, and they will have full knowledge of your system. Even if the primary tech is busy, we have a line of communication in place that enables your business to always have someone on call for IT problems.

In cases, when your primary tech is unavailable, you will have a dedicated backup tech who can provide onsite and remote support. You will also have a technical operations manager who will handle all requests on time and ensure that all projects are completed.

Your dedicated account manager will handle any questions or concerns, propose system enhancements, advocate for service excellence, and manage all IT procurement. Additionally, the account manager will alert you to potential system issues and provide suggestions to improve the way your staff works.

Full IT Department Services

Investing in a full-service IT department helps businesses be prepared for the unexpected. In fact, businesses that rely on full IT services are more prepared to face challenges and ultimately save money in the long-run.

CTECH will provide you with a procurement manager to help purchase any hardware, software, or subscription your business needs. Our project team will ensure that you are running the right systems to maintain your business — and you will receive inventory reports and audits to help you understand what’s going on with your systems at all times.

Here are some services that CTECH provides.

  • Onsite and remote IT support
  • Contact via phone, email, portal, or onsite
  • Support extended to all peripherals such as printers, switches, etc.
  • Procurement of all hardware, software, and subscriptions
  • Installation of new servers, desktops, and network equipment
  • System reports, audits, and recommendations
  • System architecture and design
  • Administration including users, patching, and updates
  • IT project management and implementation
  • 24-hour system monitoring and remediation
  • Lastly, consolidated billing

Automated Issue Detection and Resolution

The best way for businesses to be effective is to stay on top of issues and be ready to find a quick solution. By doing this, businesses can increase workflow productivity and ensure that their company can operate effectively without IT issues halting them in their tracks.

With that said, CTECH employs intelligent monitoring systems to find issues before you do. We receive thousands of system-specific information such as the percentage fragmentation of the hard drive and current CPU usage.

This data is processed by dozens of custom-made best practice thresholds and monitoring, which analyze the data. If any issues are discovered, trigger words are sent to the operations manager dashboard. Your assigned tech will be notified to potentially take action.

A business receiving detailed reports from CTECH

Monthly Detailed Service Reports From CTECH

Having detailed service reports is important for any business. Service reporting allows businesses to see what’s being done, and ultimately, how well their money is working for them. This is why we make it our duty to let our businesses know what their IT form does.

Each month, we send a detailed report on every interaction your staff had with support and saved conversations. You will have access to information such as when the work happened, full details of the resolution, who did the work, and the service ticket and summary. Additionally, report how long each tech works and totals report the continued value of IT.

Never Pay for Support

Essentially, a good IT firm should always be worth the investment. This means providing fast and quality support, keeping all systems up and running, and keeping the IT infrastructure strong.

At CTECH, we believe that if something breaks, that’s on us — not you. It’s not your fault if a system breaks unexpectedly, so we don’t expect you to pay for that. Businesses feel comfortable knowing that they don’t need to be responsible for system mishaps that are out of their control. CTECH has you covered, no questions asked.

We also promise to never leave any surprises on your bill. The only time you see an extra charge on your bill is when you approve an extra expense such as buying new equipment, performing projects, or adding on subscriptions.

Learn More About Working With CTECH

At the end of the day, CTECH benefits from helping grow your business. We don’t want you to call us, that costs us money to field a tech. So, we’re going to make your systems solid and effective. We also want to make sure that our systems make your business stronger. If you grow, we grow with you.

CTECH will provide your staff and business with world-class support. If your business is ready for a dedicated IT support team, contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow with the right IT infrastructure.