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Windows Server 2022 Support For Calgary Businesses

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the new version of Windows Server. According to Microsoft officials, the new release will be known as Windows Server 2022 and will be available to mainstream users toward the end of 2021. Windows Server 2022 will be the next Windows Server Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release. Typically, LTSC releases of Server receive security updates for a decade and don’t get feature updates.

Windows Server 2022 builds on Windows Server 2019, the most recent LTSC release of Server. A few weeks ago, Microsoft offered more information about the upcoming Windows Server release, including new features, security improvements, and product editions to expect. In this article, we’ll be looking at some interesting features of note on Windows Server 2022. Read on.

Security Improvements

It’s no secret that many businesses around the world are struggling with IT security. As a result, Windows Server 2022 features a strong focus on security. The new iteration of Windows Server brings the concept of Secured Core from Windows client to the server world with Secured Core. On servers, Secured Core will provide protection against boot kits, rootkits, and other malware designed to compromise the system before it starts.

Secured Core servers come with a combination of secure hardware, firmware, and OS features to increase protection against advanced threats. OEMs will be required to provide secure firmware and drivers and enable these features by default in order to carry the label Secure Core Server. In addition to Secured Core, Windows Server 2022 comes with a host of additional security features.

For instance, the new Server will use the latest security protocols by default, including HTTPS and the most recent version of Transport Layer Security, TLS 1.3. According to Microsoft officials, TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are disabled by default to help drive the adoption of the latest security protocols. With Windows Server 2022, organizations looking for the most secure connections will be able to use AES 256-bit encryption for Server Message Block (SMB) traffic.

SMB Compression

The upcoming Windows Server 2022 will also feature improved SMB compression capability. The new Server can lower bandwidth and decrease operation times when copying large file types that would typically cause network congestions such as scientific data, uncompressed graphics and video files, and VM disks. Windows Server 2022 compression benefits are also available for users accessing a file share through File Explorer.


Windows Server 2022 will also be coming with Server Message Block (SMB) over QUIC. QUIC is a standard protocol meant to provide a more reliable connection over untrusted connections, such as a public Wi-Fi network. QUIC relies on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to authenticate handshakes with TLS 1.3 and keep internet traffic always encrypted. SMB Virtual Private Network (VPN) is designed for remote users and high-security businesses.

SMB over QUIC delivers Server Message Block access without the expense and complexity of a VPN. Organizations can use SMB over QUIC to help remote workers stay safe on the internet on untrusted connections such as public Wi-Fi. However, you can also use SMB over QUIC inside your company network for more security. SMB over QUIC will also be supported on Windows 10 as well as third-party platforms such as Android and iOS.

Azure Automanage (Hotpatching)

Hotpatching is a new way of applying updates on Windows Server VMs. This feature has been available on Windows Server Azure Edition for a while now. Windows Server Azure Edition is a specific version of Windows Server built to run on a VM on an Azure Stack HCI cluster or Azure IaaS VM specifically. According to Microsoft officials, hotpatching will be available for Windows Server 2022 Server Core.

Azure Automanage and hotpatching allows IT professionals to install updates on VMs without having to reboot, which reduces downtime for apps and services significantly. To use Azure Automanage and its hotpatch capability, you’ll need to have the Datacentre Azure edition of Windows Server 2022. Microsoft also hinted at a possibility of having Azure Automanage and hotpatch solutions on traditional on-premise server editions in the future.


Another notable feature in the Windows Server 2022 announcement is the increase in scalability. A Windows server can now have 48 TB of RAM and 64 sockets with 2048 Logical Processors (cores, or Hyperthreaded cores). The new Server will now support business-critical and large-scale applications like SQL Server that require massive computing power. Windows Server 2022 users can also leverage the extra computing power to run large-scale and distributed applications.

RTM Status

So, when will the new Windows Server release be available for clients? According to Microsoft officials, Windows Server 2022 will be released commercially sometime later in 2021. At the moment, the new server build is at the Release-To-Manufacturing (RTM) stage, which means Microsoft has made finished bits of Windows Server 2022 available to OEMs to integrate into their hardware. Microsoft announced the RTM release of Windows Server in June.

Upon release, the new Windows Server will feature a Standard edition, a Datacentre edition, as well as a Datacentre Azure edition. Some of the new features discussed in the article will require a specific Windows Server 2022 edition. For instance, you’ll need the Datacentre Azure edition to have features such as Azure Automanage with its hotpatch capability. There’ll be Core and Desktop installation options for all editions.

Can you upgrade your existing Windows Server 2019 to the new Windows 2022 server when it’s finally released commercially? Well, according to Microsoft, it will be possible to perform an upgrade. The in-place upgrade option will replace old OS bits with new ones, allowing IT professionals to perform the update without having to wipe the old operating system first. Microsoft will give customers more details about upgrades in the future.

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