Cyber Security Experts say the rapid adoption of smartphones into our daily lives leaves us all exposed to cyber attacks.

A 2013 Norton Report found that 1 in 3 smartphone users have experienced some form of cybercrime.

This is especially troubling if your employees use their smartphones for business purposes.  It can leave your company exposed to breaches that impact your confidential data.

When a mobile phone is lost or misplaced, it’s essential that you have the ability to erase the contents on the phone. To ensure this is done properly requires the expertise of an IT Security Expert who knows how to ensure your mobile devices are set up correctly, and your business information is properly safeguarded. If a mobile device is lost, or a staff member leaves your employment with your business data, you can rest easy knowing that the device can be remotely locked or wiped of your business data if necessary.

Look for an expert in Calgary who knows how to employ Mobile Device Management to:

  • Locate, wipe and lock a stolen or lost mobile device.
  • Wipe only business data from an employee’s personal mobile phone.
  • Perform continuous remote monitoring and management of mobile devices.
  • Secure passcode implementation.
  • Enforce encryption.

With the proper Mobile Device Management, you and your employees can use your smartphones to safely exchange emails, collaborate on documents, and use line-of-business applications without the worry of lost or compromised data.  To learn more, contact CTECH Consulting Group in {city} at: (403) 457-1478