What Is A CTECH vCIO And Why Do You Need One?

CTECH’s vCIO will ensure that your IT is aligned with your business goals. He will provide a roadmap to the desired IT infrastructure and management end-state, with timelines and objectives.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Services are a common offering now with IT Managed Services Providers in Calgary. This Service delivers some of the functions that an in-house CIO would provide through a “virtual” and fractional managed service. This being said the CTECH VCIO service offering is in fact, truly unique.

Why Do You Need vCIO Services?

Many business owners and executives today don’t have much insight into their IT departments or company. They don’t know if they are doing a good job compared to industry standards. And they don’t know if their business is well protected from a security or disaster recovery perspective.

In short, IT can keep many executives and business owners up at night. They want to know that an expert (like CTECH’s vCIO) understands their environment, what needs to be improved, and how to minimize risk while ensuring IT supports their business instead of hinders it.

CTECH vCIO Services Maximize The Business Value of IT

Your CTECH vCIO will collaborate with your executives and IT department to perform many of the same functions as a conventional CIO. This includes formulating strategic IT goals, planning your IT budget, reworking business processes, and facilitating technology changes.

Our vCIO Services Include:

  • Project Management- Your VCIO will make sure that your IT projects come on time, in budget and in scope.
  • IT Governance-Benchmarks and Assessments to provide an IT Roadmap and show progress. This makes it easier for you to understand the direction, improvement of your systems
  • A Client Advocate – We ensure you get the IT services you were promised.
  • Business and IT Alignment – Our vCIO learns about your unique business model, needs and processes, and ensures your IT infrastructure supports it.
  • Business Intelligence – Leveraging Software and Services your VCIO will transform your data into information that allows you to make powerful decisions for your business.
  • Risk Management- Find out the state of your firm’s exposure through our IT Risk, Security and Compliance Audits.

We Start With A Business Needs Assessment

We’ll provide a benchmark score of your current environment and IT management processes. And we’ll show how our vCIO, Managed, and Project Services can improve your score and the value you get from your IT infrastructure. As we provide more managed services and projects, you’ll see your score go up during our regularly scheduled meetings.

You’ll Receive An IT Roadmap To Keep You On Course

CTECH’s vCIO will ensure that your IT is aligned with your business goals. He will provide a roadmap to the desired IT infrastructure and management end-state, with timelines and objectives.

Each IT service offering has a defined deliverable, tasks and tools to accomplish it; and they’ll all be tracked. Then your vCIO will provide you with reports, charts, and deliverables for your review.

CTECH’s vCIO Service Is Different From Our Competition’s

Most IT service companies today have vCIO services in name only; what they are really delivering are quarterly business reviews. This is a review of the Managed IT Services delivered, and the changes that were made to your network. This quarterly reports delivers only nominal value and is more for the IT company than for your business.

CTECH’s vCIO Service is much more business-focused and has well-defined offerings of value. Moreover, a true vCIO like CTECH acts as an advocate for your organization.

CTECH’s vCIO Services Provide Value

Our reports and meetings provide tremendous value and differentiate CTECH from 90% of our competitors. The value and impact of CTECH vCIO Services cannot be overstated.

Contact us to learn more about our vCIO Services and how they ensure the value and impact your business technology should deliver.