Think Twice Before Buying That Server

Where are you currently storing your business processes and data? Are you currently using on-premise servers in your office, also known as an on-premise IT infrastructure?

Think Twice Before Buying That Server

Where are you currently storing your business processes and data? Are you currently using on-premise servers in your office, also known as an on-premise IT infrastructure? If you are, have you considered migrating to the cloud? Cloud computing will allow your business to utilize computing resources and scale larger data centres but without the massive investment and responsibilities. It is a multifaceted substitute to the local servers in your office that can transform your business in a major way.

Do You Know Why You Want To Buy A Server?

Businesses of all sizes will buy servers for many wrong reasons. Some businesses want a server because they feel it is better for using the applications they wrote some businesses feel a server is the best way to keep their confidential data safe and secure, and others want to experience high speeds and feel a server is the best way to obtain that.

What are your reasons for wanting a physical server? When you buy a server, you are not just getting the server, you are also inheriting all the costs and responsibilities that come with it. Servers are expensive and they will not last forever. Servers are typically unessential after 5 years and will typically provide you with only the basic functions. If something goes wrong with your server, it can be extremely costly to repair.

Businesses and organizations across the globe are beginning to find that significant cost savings and greater flexibility can be found in other places. More businesses are opting to use virtual servers to power their most critical business functions.

Cloud Computing — Will It Be Effective For My Business?

Cloud computing is not just for the well-known and large corporations that are using it for their daily operations. Businesses of all sizes can benefit in a variety of ways by adopting cloud computing technology. Cloud computing will allow you to obtain access to a variety of applications and data from any location, regardless of the time or the device.

Why Switch to the Cloud?

There are not as many desktop applications today compared to ten years ago, as more software vendors are deviating away from desktop offerings and have transitioned over to the cloud. Software vendors are offering cloud-subscription services that are reasonably priced, compared to the expensive servers. There are several reasons why your business should consider transitioning to the cloud.

Once you move to the cloud, you will not have to worry about buying software and installing them on your servers or devices. You will also be able to reduce the amount of system hardware you use. Data backups, file storage, software, etc. have always taken up a significant amount of space on your servers and devices. However, when you switch to cloud computing, all of these things will be stored on someone else’s servers. Without the need to store backups, software, and files on your in-house devices, you will have more space to store other critical business processes.

Smaller Investment

You can save thousands of dollars on your business’s IT needs by using cloud computing. Contrary to what many may believe, cloud computing is not just an updated computer architecture — it is definitely much more than that. Cloud computing is advanced computer architecture and an advanced business model. It is the blending of the two that allows businesses and organizations to gain access to the best tools and resources when they are needed, allowing you to only pay for the services and solutions you need.

Just 10 years ago, when businesses were making the transition to the next level and needed an IT infrastructure, the cost of the infrastructure could reach upwards of $30,000. Today, it is not necessary to make such a large upfront investment because businesses can leverage cloud subscriptions. Cloud subscriptions can help you offset the initial investment of your business’s technology and hardware costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars upfront and additional costs for maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

High Availability and Scalability

When considering migrating your business’s IT infrastructure, your cloud service provider will provide you with the resources you need to meet the needs of your customers and your employees. If your business is in its beginning stages, you can be matched with a lower resource solution that matches the features you need. As your business continues to grow and the demand for additional resources increases, you will be able to make adjustments to your cloud computing solution. When you are in the cloud, you will only pay for what you use.

While you can also scale your on-premise server, you will quickly discover that it is incredibly expensive and often very challenging. When you want to scale your on-premise servers, you will have to replace the old server with one that can keep up with your growing business. On the other hand, when you want to downscale your business, you will have to eliminate some of your servers. Cloud computing allows your business to upscale or downscale easily whenever your IT requirements need it. You can support your business’s growth without expensive changes to your systems.

With cloud computing, you will not have to purchase expensive servers and have them installed in your office. The servers and applications you need will be in the cloud. Without the need to spend an excessive amount of money on servers and applications, your initial capital cost will be substantially lower. You will only be required to pay a monthly fee for the use of applications, resources, and IT support.

Cloud computing can let your business access your data and applications from any location at any time, allowing you to grow your revenue without raising your costs. With cloud software and subscriptions available at affordable prices, there has never been a better time to make the transition to the cloud. To schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists to find out how we can help you with your business, contact us at (403) 457-1478. CTECH guarantees to beat any competitor in the Calgary market by 10%.