Oilfield IT ServicesTime to Save on Costs By Outsourcing Your I.T.!

The heydays of $100-a-barrel oil are gone, and probably for good. USA Today had an interview with Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal about the future of the oil industry and how it’s going to affect the economies of oil-producing areas, from those afar afield as Saudi Arabia and Russia, to those closer to home like Texas and Alberta.

Why should you care?

The long and short of it is that the crash in oil prices is going to make major energy companies look to cut costs very soon. We’re going to see a lot of mergers, a lot of cuts, and a lot of layoffs in the near future. And when that happens with the big companies that communities build their economy around, all the other businesses – like your own – suffer right along with them.

So how do you prepare for the changing economy without resorting to your own layoffs or cutbacks?

The answer isn’t to cut out parts of your business – it’s to think strategically about the money you spend. For example, how much money do you spend every day on your information technology? That’s not just the upfront cost of computers:

  • How many payroll dollars do you spend on employees that sit around waiting for computers to load up?
  • How much time is wasted by your lagging old server?
  • How expensive are your power and phone bills?
  • How many business opportunities do you lose because of missed emails or embarrassing delays in communications?

I.T. can be a sinkhole of time and money for any business. But the answer isn’t to STOP spending money on technology – it’s to spend money WISELY. Putting your I.T. budget to work in the right areas makes all the difference to how it returns your investment. Outsourcing your I.T. to CTECH Consulting Group is a smart and easy solution:

  • Proactive maintenance eliminates most downtime caused by I.T. problems, keeping your staff productive and saving your payroll dollars.
  • Strategic I.T. planning helps you use technology to improve and simplify your daily operations, automating tasks and making everything run faster.
  • A managed services plan provides all your I.T. services and support for a single flat-rate monthly fee from one company, so it’s easy to budget for I.T. every month.

Start saving your money now and keep your business prepared for whatever uncertainties lie in the future. Contact CTECH Consulting Group today to learn how outsourcing your I.T. is the right step for the future of YOUR {city} business. Call us at (403) 457-1478 or send an email to info@ctechgroup.net.