Are You Thinking of Switching IT Companies?

Are you thinking about switching IT companies in Calgary? Read this article before you do anything. Great insider information here.

Are You Thinking of Switching IT Companies?

Are you frustrated by your underperforming IT Company? If you’re considering switching technology partners but aren’t sure how to go about it, this article will help.

It doesn’t matter how advanced your technology is if your IT support can’t manage it effectively. These days, businesses, both large and small across all industries, are investing heavily in IT. And rightly so, as IT is quickly becoming the “glue” that essentially holds together most organizations. Just think about having to go even a day without, for example, your laptop. It’s not such a pleasant thought, right?

CTECH Consulting Group is an award-winning Calgary IT services company that has worked with many companies looking for better IT support. Briefly into our conversations with these companies’ representatives, we discovered most of them felt trapped with their lousy IT team. Why? Although they thought they weren’t getting the standard of services they deserved, they weren’t convinced that a new vendor was the answer. Once you’ve seen one tech company, you’ve seen them all, right? Of course not.

To be fair, we realize that switching IT companies is a daunting prospect. After all, they have access to your entire network, meaning your relationship is far from a trivial one. The big question is whether it’s really worth the hassle and the various risks. We firmly believe it is, but only if you approach the transition strategically. To switch seamlessly between IT companies, you first need to know what to expect.

What Risks Should You Look Out for When Switching IT Companies?

  • Corruption or Loss of Data: You don’t want the stress of hunting down files that go missing when transitioning between IT companies.
  • Hostile MSPs: You can’t assume your IT Company will be cooperative once they learn you wish to move on. Beware of any attempts to create backdoors or cause your network harm. This is where your new MSP should step in by helping you take relevant precautionary measures.
  • Downtime: This is arguably the chief concern for most business decision-makers. To minimize downtimes, you have to plan and execute your transition properly.

Beyond merely being aware of the dangers of switching MSPs, you should also know how to mitigate and perhaps even prevent them.

Which Are the Best Practices For Switching IT Services Companies?

For a smooth transition with minimal snags, you need to take the following measures:

  • Time the Change Appropriately: Don’t end any arrangements you have with your current vendor until you’ve selected and put in place a suitable replacement.
  • Keep Control of Your IT: Your current IT Company should give you full access to your entire network so they can’t lock you out.
  • Communicate the Switch: You have to make sure your entire team is on the same page regarding the change. However, you should only inform your current IT Company once you have all the precautionary measures in place.
  • Back up Your Data Securely: A robust data backup plan safeguards against any possible deletions or omissions.
  • Perform a Security Assessment: Once you’ve settled on the right IT support for your organization, they need to conduct a thorough security review of your network if your old MSP left any backdoors?

Ready to Outsource IT Support From a Reliable IT Services Company in Calgary?

Your organization needs an IT support team that matches your level of ambition and attention to detail. CTECH Consulting Group is eager to offer your business a host of premium IT solutions on top of the following special features:

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  • You’ll receive a discount to help ease the strain caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We will provide free assessments.
  • On-boarding fees will be waived
  • We will minimize your downtimes

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