Switching IT Companies In Calgary

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How Hard Is It To Switch IT Companies?

Are you currently questioning your IT service provider’s role in helping you grow as a business? Do you dread the risks that come with switching service providers? Here’s a step-by-step guide for a seamless transition.

Your organization, like many others, heavily relies on IT to support its day-to-day operations. The overall performance of the business is dependent on how effective your IT investments are. For this reason, you must have a dependable IT company that’s capable of addressing your present and future support needs. Investing in the best technologies without having an able team behind them will not give you the desired results. To optimize your IT infrastructure, you need a competent service provider handling them.

At CTECH Consulting Group, we have specialists who understand both the technological and business aspects of organizations. In our experience with delivering hyper-professional IT solutions in Calgary, we have noticed a worrying trend. Very many executives are not happy with their IT companies but stay with them nonetheless. One thing stands out, though – most of them have contemplated switching to better service providers.

Why can’t they proceed with the changes? For many business owners and managers, ‘better the devil, you know.’ The fear of ending up with a more incompetent IT company makes withstanding the current one look better. Besides, the switching of service providers is perceived to be rigorous and too risky.

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What Are the Risks When Switching IT Companies?

Aside from the possibility of your new supplier being even worse, here are common threats to be on the lookout for:

  • Loss Or Corruption Of Your Files and Folders: If the transition is not well-planned and precisely executed, be ready for the hassle of tracing files lost during the process. Worse still, misconfiguration could rewrite your data into illegible forms.
  • Dealing With A Crude IT Company: At the very least, your current IT supplier can access a majority of your critical credentials. If you were to fall out with them during the transition, they could do all sorts of harm to your files. Although this is very rare, some crude IT companies have previously held their clients at ransom by withholding files during switches. If the disagreement is worse, they could even entirely delete some of your folders.
  • Lengthy Site Downtime: Only an experienced service provider can help you evade prolonged downtime during a switch. Every business owner must be wary of financial losses due to such unplanned snarl-ups.

The changing of IT companies can be stressful. But with solid reasons and proper planning, it shouldn’t cause you a headache.

Why Should You Switch IT Service Providers?

  • Are you experiencing constant slow networks?
  • Does your IT company hike the service bills or email you unexplained invoices?
  • Do you feel that you are working with a strange IT support team? Is the service provider sending different specialists for every on-site visit?
  • Do your systems undergo the same complications year in year out?
  • Are you convinced that your support needs have outgrown the expertise of your current IT company?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s high time you sought another service provider. Above all, do not risk working with a team that you don’t trust to deliver the best support to your networks.

Regardless of your reason, it would be best to have a comprehensive plan to achieve a stress-free switch. The exit strategy must envision all possible drawbacks and how best to evade them.

What Are the Best Practices When Changing IT Service Providers?

  • Take Your Time Before Canceling Your Ongoing Contract: Even after you have found a suitable replacement, ensure they are firmly in place before making any moves. Draw lessons from your previous experience so that you don’t make the same mistakes in the selection process. Do a thorough background check for the prospects and seek reviews from their current and former clients.
  • Ensure You Have Full Control of Your Networks: Request the current service provider to give you an updated list of all admin login credentials. Having unabated administrative access to your systems allows you to monitor them as you transition. You can, therefore, stop any suspicious activity by a crude IT company on the spot.
  • Review Your Network for Any Security Loopholes: The new IT company should assess your systems, identify and seal any backdoors or weak-points.
  • Have a Secure Backup of Your Files: In case of any deletions or misconfigurations, you can use the duplicates to sustain normal operations as you retrace the lost folders.
  • Communicate the Switch: Have you put the necessary cautionary measures in place? You can now proceed to tell your present IT company of your decision to transition. Also, ensure that your employees are always informed throughout the switching process.

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