Sparwood, BC Energy Company Looks to CTECH For Strategic IT Services 

A Sparwood BC energy company needed reliable IT support and they called CTECH Consulting Group to help. Get the IT services your energy company needs today.

Sparwood, BC Energy Company Looks to CTECH For Strategic IT Services

We recently heard from a proactive team of professionals from the BC energy sector who was looking to invest in reliable and customized IT services. CTECH was quick to get in touch with them, assess their infrastructure, and develop a customized IT service and support plan for this proactive and successful company.

Why BC Energy Companies Can Trust CTECH to Provide Customized IT Service & Support

Our team of IT specialists recently heard from a junior mining company based out of Sparwood, BC. Right off the bat, we knew that this was a company we wanted to work with. Why? We recognized right away that this organization was strategically proactive and that they understood the power of implementing and optimizing customized IT solutions for their company.

This is the best kind of client we can ask for. While many IT service providers like to position themselves as the hero, swooping in with all the answers, we know that the true heroes are the professionals who recognize the importance of strategic IT solutions. When professional teams come to us with a clear and proactive understanding of their IT needs, we’re immediately eager to start a partnership with them.

That’s why, when he heard from a proactive company that was looking for energy-sector IT support in Sparwood, BC, we were immediately enthusiastic about developing a customized and strategic IT service and support plan that would help them optimize operations and capitalize on business opportunities.

IT Support for BC Energy Companies: Here’s What They Were Looking For

The controller for this Sparwood, BC mining company reached out to us with a clear idea of what their organization needed. This organizational leader was extremely proactive and professional in his approach. He informed us that his organization was in the process of reviewing options for IT service and support and that they were hoping to set a time to meet with our team to see if we might be the right provider.

Again, this was immediately impressive to our team of IT experts. We recognized right away that this mining company was committed to making an informed and strategic choice about the best IT support for their organization. Not only that, they gave us a clear and concrete idea of what their organization looked like and the exact kind of focused and reliable IT services they were looking for.

Here’s the detailed picture they painted for us which helped us understand the exact kind of initial consultation to provide:

  • The professional who reached out to us explained that their BC mining company was made up of 12 employees and that they were hoping to schedule a consultation with our team of IT specialists to discuss our available services and pricing options.
  • They went on to explain that their organization was accustomed to working on a server in a traditional office environment. However, with many of their employees now working from home, they were looking for strategic guidance on selecting and implementing a dynamic virtual operations solution.
  • Additionally, this organization realized that with a new operational environment, comes the need for strategic IT support. They hoped that we could not only help them implement and optimize a virtual solution but also stay on board to guide them through the transition and offer general IT service and support on an ongoing basis.

As we’ve mentioned, this is the exact kind of professional team that we want to work with. They came to us with a clear idea of what they needed and looked to us for guidance on what kind of service and support could best support their unique organizational needs.

We immediately informed this proactive professional that one of our IT experts would be in touch to organize a formal consultation. Above all, we knew right away that CTECH could provide the exact kind of customized and reliable IT support that this organization required. Without missing a beat, we got to work preparing a presentation of the different services and support we could provide to help support their organizational mission.

Here’s How CTECH Turned Their Vision into Reality

First things first, the CTECH team set up a consultation date and time that was convenient for the client. We understand that BC energy professionals are incredibly busy, and we wanted to make it clear that our entire mission is to provide strategic consultation and support on their terms, not ours. Above all, CTECH understands that what is best for the client is what is best for us. Once we had a consultation scheduled, we got to work developing a customized IT service and support plan for their organization.

We used the detailed background information they provided us to examine which of our services and solutions would be best suited to their unique needs. Before long, we had put together a detailed and customized plan. Thanks to the detailed information provided by this potential client, we were confident that we were proposing the most focused and strategic IT service plan, designed specifically to support their organizational needs.

Here’s the IT service and support solutions we recommended for this team of BC energy professionals:

Dynamic & Fully Remote Work Solutions 

One of the things we’re most passionate about in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment is dynamic remote work solutions. The days of the traditional workplace are gone and we were happy to see that this organization was ready to embrace the modern workplace by implementing strategic solutions to support virtual operations.

We explained that CTECH could provide a collection of fully-optimized remote work solutions that could help this BC mining company stay more agile, productive, and profitable than they were in a traditional office environment. We explained that by assessing their IT infrastructure and the critical IT resources they rely on, we could customize a virtual environment to support optimal productivity and continual business growth.

Cost-Effective and Industry-Specific Solutions 

Next, we explained that this organization could trust CTECH to develop a customized virtual environment that was not only cost-effective but designed to support their industry-specific needs and resources. CTECH does not believe in one-size-fits-all IT service and support. Instead, we explained that we would conduct a detailed assessment of their IT infrastructure and the industry-specific software solutions they rely on.

Next, we explained that we would conduct a focused review of their operational processes focusing specifically on the optimization of internal and external communication, strategic resource centralization, and the overall enhancement of security and productivity. Above all, we explained that this organization could trust our team of experienced IT professionals to provide a cost-effective, fully-secure, and entirely optimized virtual environment that would help their organization reach new heights in a changing world of work.

A Fully Outsourced & Cutting Edge IT Support Team

Finally, we wanted to reassure this organization that CTECH is not about implementing solutions and then jumping ship, leaving professional teams fending for themselves. Making the transition to virtual operations can be overwhelming for organizational leadership and their teams. That’s why we explained that CTECH would not only design and implement customized IT solutions for this team of professionals, they could also rely on us to remain on board for the long haul.

We let this organization know that CTECH would remain on board for as long as they required our IT service and support. We explained our approach to ongoing IT support and let this organization know that we would serve as their reliable, strategic, and always-available IT support team. Above all, we explained that this organization could treat us as their outsourced IT department and that we would always treat their business missions as our own.

Here’s the great news. We can provide this kind of customized IT service and support for BC energy companies of all shapes and sizes. Wondering if you’re the right IT provider for your organization? Let’s talk! We’d love to examine the IT infrastructure of your organization and get to work customizing an IT plan that supports your unique organizational needs and optimizes your operations from end-to-end. We look forward to hearing from you!

Give CTECH a call anytime at (403) 457-1478, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to chat with a live agent and book an initial IT service and support assessment and consultation.