Professionals need not be intimidated by economy downturns, local tech experts say

It seems no matter where you go; everyone is talking about economic recession. Talk of economy declines often seem unavoidable and can leave businesses professionals feeling uneasy and unsure of how to respond to changes in economic winds. The group of experts at CTECH Consulting Group want to modify the conversation. Their team is committed to cutting through the depressing recession talk and reminding business owners that there are natural and efficient ways to reduce costs and stay competitive, no matter the economic climate.

The pressures of a downturned economy impact businesses in any industry. As the financial doom and gloom lurk overhead, business professionals are often faced with tough decisions: where can I cut costs? Where can I improve efficiency? How can I stay competitive without sacrificing too much? The challenge of reducing costs while maintaining productive efficiency can seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds, especially when you consider the power of technology to optimize how a business runs.

Technology is fundamental to any modern business, and its capabilities are continually evolving. While the technology used to be just another part of productivity, it has now developed into a powerhouse productivity tool that can drive efficiency and cost reduction for business professionals of all kinds. Depending on the specific needs and challenges a company is faced with, being informed about cost-efficient technology solutions is critical for any business professional in a challenging economy.

The team of IT experts at Calgary’s CTECH Consulting Group know just how much potential technology can have when business owners are trying to lighten the financial burden. The solutions will be different for every business based on their needs, but any business owner who is looking to cut overhead costs should start by assessing the cost-efficiency of their technology landscape. For some, nixing in-house IT strategies and outsourcing the management altogether can make a huge difference. For others, making small changes or implementing new solutions can do the trick, and often small changes can fix more than one problem.

Skype for Business is a prime example of a solution that harnesses the power of technology to streamline multiple processes. Skype for Business has cost-effective telecom features that allow for seamless calls locally and around the globe. Furthermore, the app comes equipped with Skype Manager that allows administrators to centrally allocate credit and monitor spending. Skype for Business also comes with a built-in instant messaging platform that makes connecting with team members possible at any time. Finally, true to its roots, Skype for Business has top-of-the-line video conferencing capabilities that reduce the need for costly business travel.

“It’s not just about making temporary changes or taking massive cost-cutting measures.” CTECH Consulting Group CEO, Carl Fransen says. “It’s about using technology in strategic and innovative ways to better position businesses to stay competitive and cost-effective in any economic climate. We’ve helped implement Skype for Business and countless other Microsoft solutions for clients who needed a better approach to profitable operations. Reducing cost and staying competitive in tough
economic times isn’t about make or break decisions. It’s about taking a smart look at how technology can be a hero instead of a hindrance.”

The team at CTECH Consulting Group are Calgary’s experts in providing managed IT support and service and specialize in offering technology assessments and consultations. If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about harnessing technology to reduce cost and drive efficiency, don’t hesitate to reach out to CEO Carl Fransen to arrange an interview.

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