Skype for business is quickly becoming an industry leader in professional communication services – but have you harnessed its real potential yet?

While the features are well known at this point — chat with any user on any device through text, voice or video, and even share your screen — Skype’s beginning as a personal consumer application has kept many businesses from realizing its true value.

The reality is that Skype for business has some key benefits to offer you and your staff.

  1. Save on business calls.

Modern small to medium sized businesses need a cost-effective phone solution now more than ever.

Instead of the large staff meetings that take place at more major corporations, employees at your company likely spend a lot of their time placing calls to particular coworkers, customers, and business contacts.

What’s more, many aspects of the firm are often physically separate, and employees are more likely to work remotely, which makes your business phone even more valuable.

That’s why Skype for business is so beneficial, as it offers low-cost calls, including international and to mobile phones, making it more cost effective for you and your staff to keep in touch.

  1. Budget your business communications more quickly.

Everyone knows how important it is to plan accurately and efficiently. Keeping an exact track of the what your operating costs are at any given time helps you stay within your budget, and plan more effectively for your future.

Skype Manager makes a budgeting a snap, allowing you to manage your business’ accounts centrally, including all staff accounts, credits, and expenditures.

  1. Save on business travel.

Travel is costly, but it’s also a vital part of success in business. Often a face to face meeting can make the difference between making a sale or not, but it can also be expensive to arrange.

With Skype, you get the best of both worlds.

Video calling allows you to get a face to face meeting with clients and business contacts from the comfort of your office, and Group Video Calling even allows you to meet with up to 10 people at once.

  1. Stay connected with colleagues.

Keeping your staff on the same page is a proven way to increase efficiency in your business.

When everyone is in touch with each other, less time is spent correcting mistakes, clarifying errors, and dealing with anything that may have been assumed, or lost in translation.

Skype will help you keep your staff in the loop with Instant Messaging, the perfect way to quickly send information, check on project progress, share files, and provide updates.

  1. Stay connected to you customers.

At the end of the day, your business isn’t about you or your employees; it’s about your clients.

It’s vital for clients to be able to contact your company when they need to, in a convenient and user-friendly way. That’s precisely what Skype will do for your business.

Customers that already use Skype for their personal purposes can contact your business simply by clicking the Skype number on your website or social media page, making contact simple and intuitive.

If you’re looking for a better way to keep in touch with employees, customers and important business contacts, Skype is the solution for you. The best way to harness its many benefits is by working with an expert, trusted partner in Calgary IT services like CTECH Consulting Group. Our team will equip you with Skype and ensure you and your staff know exactly how to use it to its greatest potential.

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