Pick up a paper. Turn on CNN or CBC. It won’t take long for you to come across a story about someone who has experienced the worst day of their lives. A day where EVERYTHING fell apart for them.

Now, take a minute to consider the worst case scenario for your insurance firm. What is the one thing that would knock you flat on your back? Are you ready for that possibility? Yes, you have insurance on the building, but you should know better than anyone that some things just can’t be replaced with insurance, can they? Things such as:

  • The confidence of your employees in their jobs and in you
  • Your reputation with the public and with your business partners and suppliers
  • The databases and applications that are unique to your business

Your insurance company needs the assurance that managed services and business continuity services from CTECH Consulting Group offers! It’s just that simple. Contact our team today at (403) 457-1478 or info@ctechgroup.net.

A building can be rebuilt after a fire. Flood waters will eventually recede. That’s why you buy insurance for yourself and sell it to others. But even the best insurance policy can’t provide the answers to questions like:

  • Who makes sure that your employees can keep working – and get their paychecks – while you rebuild?
  • Who helps you keep running at another location so that you keep customers and business partners happy?
  • Who gives you offsite access to EVERYTHING you need to get up and running within hours of an unexpected disastrous event?

Calgary is full of hourly “computer fix-it” guys, and inexperienced IT support startups trying to make a quick buck. CTECH Consulting Group is different. Partnering with CTECH Consulting Group gives you access to true professionals who can implement a strategic business continuity plan that will work when the chips are down.

Sure, you have your files backed up – who doesn’t these days? But what CTECH Consulting Group offers is MUCH MORE than simple backup. For a reasonable monthly fee, the CTECH Consulting Group team will:

  • Enact cyber-security protocols to keep your business safe from cybercrime
  • Survey your workflow to pinpoint opportunities to streamline through technology
  • Implement procedures that allow you to get up and running quickly at another location after a disaster
  • Monitor your systems for dangers and maintain them for high productivity

For your Calgary insurance firm, facing disaster head on requires preparation NOW. After all, like Grandma used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Take Grandma’s advice. Prepare now.

Don’t wait until AFTER disaster strikes! Get the CTECH Consulting Group team on your side today so you can be ready to face whatever life throws at your insurance firm tomorrow.

Contact our friendly team at (403) 457-1478 or info@ctechgroup.net. We’re the IT professionals firms in Calgary trust.