As the CEO of a fast-growing Calgary company, your vision for your business remains in front of you. Provide a needed service, bring jobs to your community, and grow. Along the way, you surround yourself with qualified men and women to be a part of your vision. Their skills, knowledge, and background have helped put your company on the map.

Professional vCIO Services

But over time every company, yours included, must make strategic decisions that will impact profits and the future direction of your firm. With any changes, a CEO still wants more customers and repeat business. They do hope their employees will adjust, willing to learn more, and even have the desire to stay. And when it comes to new IT directions, these smart business owners, like you, are turning to the professional vCIO services in Calgary provided by CTECH.

Brody Haugrud CDL of Carpet and Floor Centre did and had this to say:

“CTECH looked at our current system and talked to us about what’s going on. They broke it down for us — I’m not a real technical person, but he made it understandable for me. They were the most informative of the companies we met with, and they made us feel like when we invest the money, we’d see a drastic change in our computer systems and IT network. We felt CTECH would fix the problem and they did.”

Which brings me to this point; your business is designed to have the right people on the team to keep moving your vision forward. Correct? Then that’s why a vCIO service consultant becomes part of your team. They would step in and assume all your IT responsibilities and report directly to you. As your company reaches each milestone, your consultant examines your progress and measures the results.

When an IT process did not produce a positive outcome, the consultant turns to you with their findings, smart answers, new directions and better solutions that do not affect your bottom line. Having this kind of premium access, to a dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer, providing on-time executive-level advice, only to you, and managing your technology, gives you unbiased feedback, a stable IT environment, and complete control.

Just ask Jason Gillespie from Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd

“CTECH helped us transition to better practices. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce the number of IT calls we have to make. Previously, our systems had been bootstrapped together. CTECH has moved us to more standard processes, the number of computer issues and downtimes were greatly reduced.”

Besides reducing downtimes and costs, the vCIO services consultant in Calgary begins learning more about your business. They will talk to you and your staff and possibly set up a needs assessment. They will analyze all the data, your existing system, and what you’d like to achieve through information technology.

Then comes the strategic plan. What was uncovered, becomes the beginning stages and outlines, for creating priorities to accomplish, and writing a step-by-step improvement process. The method is now preparing for the unexpected, reduces any challenges and eliminates your concerns. These steps also begin to prepare you for the event any upgrades or purchases are needed, as well as avoiding business interruptions.

Dr. Travis Cox from Acadia Wellness Centre now worries less

“The CTECH team is amazing! They’re always one step ahead of what we need so we’re never caught short! Plus, other IT providers say they provide 24×7 support but they don’t. CTECH does! They stand behind their word. The team at CTECH are just phenomenal! I’m a business owner, and I’m also a dad and a husband. I now get to spend less time worrying about the tech stuff and have more time to focus on my business and family!”

Being a busy and successful Calgary CEO, with a vision for your business’ future, it’s continued growth and not having to worry about your company’s IT. Is that possible? Of course, it is when you have a solid, Calgary vCIO services team on your side.

“I have relied on CTECH many times in the past to support our customers, and they have always come through for us! They are dependable, knows IT at all levels, and can build solutions that are solid and reliable. I do not hesitate to recommend CTECH for all IT related issues; you will be happy you contacted them.”Mike Tanyi Partner SEBO Systems Inc.

“The team at CTECH is one of those amazing “go to” companies that has endless energy and drive. They are terrific listeners and can explain things in layman’s terms so even the most non-technical people can understand the problems he is addressing. The passion the team has for tech combined with their huge heart and incredible knowledge equal an amazing service provider that you’re lucky to have discovered.Ashley Dunfield CEO PetroFeed

If you are a CEO with a vision for your company, we are here to assist you. For more information about having a dedicated vCIO services consultant in Calgary on your team, contact CTECH Consulting Group today! You can reach us at (403) 457-1478 or by email at